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  1. Marian Hossa, merged

    I think it is best to part ways with hossa......maybe he's the guy that's just never gonna win a cup......bouncing around chasing after it and not planting himself somewhere......bad luck.....Wings need to spend that money wisely for next yr.
  2. The Hossa 'slash' (Dupuis broke his own stick)

    I believe the reason the Pens fans are so upset is comparing the outrageous calls from last yrs playoffs to this yr's.....let's face it....they want more calls on us so they can score! and unless half the wings are in the box it's not gonna happen LOL.....how many 5 on 3's did we have to kill off last yr to win? How many suspect calls overall were made? It truly made the zebras look Cindy crazy last time....I am glad to see it's gonna be played on a fair basis this time around....as it should always be.
  3. Crosby Postgame

    Why is Cindy saying it should have been a penalty shot since Z put his hand on the puck sitting on Ozzy's back??? Is there some rule about that? Thought it was a freak thing that puck sitting on Ozzy like that!
  4. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6, at Blackhawks 1

  5. Well, the series has now been decided

    Pronger is the one that must do this NOT a Ducks fan it won't work unless he does it LOL!!!
  6. Shanahan joins Devils

    He was a great player for our team.....my favorite.....I wish he had decided to stay and adapt to our team/coaching and won another cup or cups with us and retired here like StevieY.....I believe he truly just didn't think the Wings were gonna be cup contenders like they were and wanted to finish his career else where with the possiblity of another one.....boy was he wrong on that one but from his point of view he must have believed this strongly and with our early exits in the playoffs it looked bad for a few yrs.....well, he can sit back this yr and watch us win the cup again!
  7. Wikipedia: Shanny is a Devil!

    Looks like it is not a rumor anymore. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=Ajqm...p&type=lgns
  8. Wikipedia: Shanny is a Devil!

    Sorry I should have put it here....thanks for moving it....and like I said the only source I had was wikapedia.....maybe by tormorrow it will be announced IF it really is a fact. I hope he is still gonna play.....somewhere.....
  9. Wikipedia: Shanny is a Devil!

    The only source I have is Wikapedia under his profile.....says he signed with them today!
  10. Why I never want Sean Avery back in Detroit

    There's so much junk printed out there on Avery and his awful behavior.....I think he get's off on the attention it brings...good or bad....he is a very cruel rotten person....and I have never liked him and never want him back on our team....he truly is an embarrassment to hockey IMO. Just say NO to avery.....poor Dallas....and as for Brett Hull....If my memory is correct he is most famous for "f.....the fans" so he and avery are a match made in heaven.
  11. Shanahan tired of waiting on Rangers

    I bet we see him on dancing with the stars next season! LOL
  12. Shanahan tired of waiting on Rangers

    O come on here!!! What player in their right mind is gonna say to themselves...."I suck and should leave this team...after all they are gonna be cup contenders in the next yrs".....are you serious?? These guys live for this....and playing on a winning team means so much to them. Shanny left cause he thought the grass was greener elsewhere! He had no more "faith" in the Wings ability to get past the 1st round of playoffs.....he helped get Drury & Gomez signed in NY so he could enjoy being on a cup contender team....that's why he has hung around there like a dumped x-girlfriend begging for any spot on that team at a reduced rate of $1million......now don't get me wrong he was a great player for us....my favorite and I was ticked off when he dumped us but he did not leave thinking the Wings were gonna get another cup while he could still play! They offered him the same $4 million contract and he left for NY instead........as far as I can see he shot himself in the foot big time! Could have retired here like Stevie Y and had a few more cups to boot! Dumb move Shanny! Another thought: what team is gonna want him now?? I mean here you are all summer and fall telling everyone to bug off your not interested in playing anywhere but NY.....what team wants to pay you to come and sit around and have no heart for being there?? Good luck with that. And if he ever does play us at the Joe....I hope they do give him a standing ovation....he should have never left in the 1st place!
  13. St Louis reaction to Palin dropping puck this Friday

    There's nothing wrong with Palin dropping the puck.....it's not like she called the NHL up and said let me drop the puck tonight! They are USING her right now to benefit the NHL and she is getting a few seconds of TV time to show she's a good sport....and will even take a chance and go somewhere that stupid people would actually boo her as if she ever did a dam thing to them personally.....I wish I lived in a state where the govenor actually knew what she was doing and CUT taxes and sent cash to my home! But not in MI.....taxes are high and jobs are history.....bring on the dem's....that's just what this state needs.....more dems barf!
  14. Fedorov & Shanahan

    Shanny left because he no longer believed that the team would win anymore cups.....boy was he wrong!! and look at him now....by the way....where is he? Big mistake, could have had possibly 5cups had he stayed and retired a RedWing.....dumbest move ever.
  15. Shanahan looking to return next season

    Yes....he was key in them aquiring Duruy/Gomez and Avery.....he was looking to build that team to win it all....and Barry Melrose really bought into this "dream" that's all I heard out of his mouth everytime he was on air!