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  1. Optimistic Thread....Series is Tied ! Were not out

    if i could be there to help them, i would be. i've loved flip from the beginning of the year and i believe in him but i also believe in our top line. it's clear we need them to score to win games. come on boys, i don't want another summer of sadness here in idiot alberta! send them packing!

    Reading these replies is cheering me up and filling me with the strange feeling of hope for the next round. Quit it, you guys! Stop making me look at the positive, logical side of the game and let me wallow....

    If this wakes them up and gives them focus, then this was a learning game and a positive but I get that same sick feeling in my gut too that this is just like all the other times. I want to believe and I want to stay positive but every sign points to DOOM.

    After so many springs of losing to the pesky, feisty, hurtbag under-dogs who win the hearts of the nation and ride to the Stanley Cup final....I don't think I have any hope left.
  5. LGW Late Night Team: Assemble!

    Does it count when you live out west in Mountain time? Hehe
  6. GAME 2: (4/15) Flames @ Red Wings

    I seriously can't stand Craig Simpson...
  7. Most Annoying NHL Fans

    My vote goes to Oiler and Flames fans. Maybe that just comes from being in Calgary in 2004 when the Flames eliminated the Wings and from being in Edmonton when the Oilers eliminated the Wings in '06 and having to deal with two cities of complete redneckery. No more car flags. Ever.