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  1. I will sign if I can keep my number!

    In New York, Drury and Gomez both wore 23, so they flipped a coin to see who would get it. Drury won it and Gomez took 19. I can't imagine many players would refuse to play for a team without having their number. I've also read a lot of stories from vets coming to a team and they don't even ask for their number, saying the player who was wearing it could keep it, but usually the younger player shows the respect and offers up his number anyway, a la Kopecky, Franzen, et all.
  2. Now, I'm excited

    I will never doubt the Wings drafting tendancies. Especially with mastermind Hakan Andersson overseas. When we've had first rounders, we've done well with them (Kronwall) we get steals late in the draft (Zetterberg, Datsyuk, heck even Lidstrom was a 3rd rounder) Say what you will about Holland, but few can doubt how well Detroit has drafted, especially with them drafting at the end of the rounds in recent years.