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  1. Lang for Zednick, Aebicher ?

    Why get rid of Lang? He`s one of the few players we have that can get it done in the play-offs, then again, if we could get a couple of players for him that might be o.k. Why on earth get Souray, he`s the worst defencemen ever, he gets beat so many times, like by Spezza, Chara, Bergeron, Boyton etc., the list goes on, he can`t play D very well. (most of those players who beat him beat him so easy they had some of the best goals of the year)
  2. Any trades coming from the east.

    Why doesn`t Holland sign some one like Valclav Varada from Ottawa? He is a great penalty killer plays with grit, he`s not afraid to through a hit? Sign `em