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  1. Welcome back Abby!!! So glad he is back!
  2. This will be great for Larkin and the Wings in his development!
  3. McDavid's face when he saw the Oilers come up was priceless. I feel bad for him. Not even him can save the Oilers franchise
  4. GDT

    Couldn't be happier that Abby is back in the lineup!!! Home ice now, Wings win 4-1!!
  5. ps

    This is awesome!
  6. Great choice. Stamkos will be the Captain in a couple of years
  7. signed

    Really like this signing!!
  8. Great win!!! This will help out the yougner guys who move up next year
  9. Bruins put on a clinic last night!
  10. Christmas in June!!! Great news!!!
  11. Nice job Flashy!!! Bring out the Brooms tonight!! Griffins win in front of the home crowd tonight!!!
  12. Signed

    I like the signing and at a good price too.
  13. Shaw is close to the top of that list
  14. Beat me to it. He's not going anywhere