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  1. PS

    Ask and you shall receive! Hope this did it, if not... Photobucket Pic
  2. PS

    I'll add mine!
  3. Haha OsGOD! You guys came down and sat right next to me after I snuck down to those seats. You can see me in your group pic. I'm looking down at my phone and for some reason I look so sad!
  4. Schmackity - been playing way too much halo 3, if there is such a thing...
  5. Friday: NY Islanders Washington Minnesota Anaheim Tampa Bay Buffalo New Jersey NY Rangers St Louis Toronto Saturday: Toronto Colorado Montreal Ottawa NY Islanders Carolina Detroit Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Nashville Chicago San Jose Sunday: NY Rangers St Louis Los Angeles Vancouver
  6. Friday: Toronto Florida Detroit Chicago Colorado Anaheim Saturday: Ottawa Buffalo NY Rangers NY Islanders Philadelphia Washington Atlanta Columbus Edmonton Los Angeles San Jose Sunday: Detroit Minnesota
  7. Friday: New Jersey Washington Florida Dallas Edmonton Los Angeles Saturday: Montreal Ottawa NY Islanders New Jersey Carolina Tampa Bay Minnesota Chicago Anaheim Vancouver Los Angeles Sunday: Columbus Chicago Boston
  8. Buffalo Pittsburgh Colorado Los Angeles Saturday: NY Rangers Chicago Montreal Florida New Jersey Philadelphia Washington Atlanta Dallas St Louis Detroit Calgary San Jose Sunday: Vancouver Minnesota
  9. Friday: NY Rangers Detroit Colorado Dallas Edmonton Los Angeles Saturday: Washington Pittsburgh Carolina Ottawa Philadelphia New Jersey Tampa Bay Calgary Chicago Colorado Vancouver Phoenix San Jose Sunday: Anaheim Detroit
  10. Thought I'd give this a try! Friday: Pittsburgh @ Carolina Anaheim @ Columbus NY Islanders @ Buffalo Washington @ Atlanta Boston @ Dallas San Jose @ Vancouver Saturday: Montreal @ Toronto NY Rangers @ Ottawa Buffalo @ NY Islanders Carolina @ Washington New Jersey @ Florida Anaheim @ Pittsburgh Atlanta @ Tampa Bay Philadelphia @ Edmonton Dallas @ Nashville Columbus @ Minnesota Detroit @ Chicago (I'll be at the game!) Boston @ Phoenix Vancouver @ Calgary St.Louis @ Los Angeles Sunday: San Jose @ Colorado
  11. I think its time for a Chelios...
  12. Friday is probably hard for alot of people, three-day weekend with Labor Day, alot of people are driving north or out-of-town. I think I can swing it before I head to Kalamazoo.
  13. "What Mask?" Hilarious!
  14. I'll have to go to another site to find my viagra updates!
  15. Maybe they'll start at 7:30, lets hope. If not CBC is my backup...