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  1. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Stars

    Ask and you shall receive! Hope this did it, if not... Photobucket Pic
  2. 2008 Photoshop War: Red Wings vs. Stars

    I'll add mine!
  3. Hat Tricks...what happens to the hats?

    Haha OsGOD! You guys came down and sat right next to me after I snuck down to those seats. You can see me in your group pic. I'm looking down at my phone and for some reason I look so sad!
  4. XBox Live Gamertags

    Schmackity - been playing way too much halo 3, if there is such a thing...
  5. Weekend Picks

    Friday: NY Islanders Washington Minnesota Anaheim Tampa Bay Buffalo New Jersey NY Rangers St Louis Toronto Saturday: Toronto Colorado Montreal Ottawa NY Islanders Carolina Detroit Pittsburgh Tampa Bay Nashville Chicago San Jose Sunday: NY Rangers St Louis Los Angeles Vancouver
  6. Weekend Picks

    Friday: Toronto Florida Detroit Chicago Colorado Anaheim Saturday: Ottawa Buffalo NY Rangers NY Islanders Philadelphia Washington Atlanta Columbus Edmonton Los Angeles San Jose Sunday: Detroit Minnesota
  7. Weekend Picks

    Friday: New Jersey Washington Florida Dallas Edmonton Los Angeles Saturday: Montreal Ottawa NY Islanders New Jersey Carolina Tampa Bay Minnesota Chicago Anaheim Vancouver Los Angeles Sunday: Columbus Chicago Boston
  8. Weekend Picks

    Buffalo Pittsburgh Colorado Los Angeles Saturday: NY Rangers Chicago Montreal Florida New Jersey Philadelphia Washington Atlanta Dallas St Louis Detroit Calgary San Jose Sunday: Vancouver Minnesota
  9. Weekend Picks

    Friday: NY Rangers Detroit Colorado Dallas Edmonton Los Angeles Saturday: Washington Pittsburgh Carolina Ottawa Philadelphia New Jersey Tampa Bay Calgary Chicago Colorado Vancouver Phoenix San Jose Sunday: Anaheim Detroit
  10. Weekend Picks

    Thought I'd give this a try! Friday: Pittsburgh @ Carolina Anaheim @ Columbus NY Islanders @ Buffalo Washington @ Atlanta Boston @ Dallas San Jose @ Vancouver Saturday: Montreal @ Toronto NY Rangers @ Ottawa Buffalo @ NY Islanders Carolina @ Washington New Jersey @ Florida Anaheim @ Pittsburgh Atlanta @ Tampa Bay Philadelphia @ Edmonton Dallas @ Nashville Columbus @ Minnesota Detroit @ Chicago (I'll be at the game!) Boston @ Phoenix Vancouver @ Calgary St.Louis @ Los Angeles Sunday: San Jose @ Colorado
  11. What jersey are you getting

    I think its time for a Chelios...
  12. Friday is probably hard for alot of people, three-day weekend with Labor Day, alot of people are driving north or out-of-town. I think I can swing it before I head to Kalamazoo.
  13. Blues New Marketing Campaign

    "What Mask?" Hilarious!
  14. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    I'll have to go to another site to find my viagra updates!
  15. 2007 NHL Awards Show

    Maybe they'll start at 7:30, lets hope. If not CBC is my backup...