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  1. shanny is the man

  2. Respect

    Surprised Kane was so magnanimous. He seems like a little d*&kweed to me.
  3. Your favorite out of the signees?

    Bert looks more and more comfortable as the season goes on and he contributed nicely during teh height of the injury string. But Eaves is a great addition!
  4. So, Crosby has his cup..

    Where did you get all your message board courage from? I doubt you have the real kind.
  5. So, Crosby has his cup..

    I remember when I had my first beer. I hope you enjoy your short time on this board.
  6. Interesting Reaction from Detroit

    Thanks for the patronzing lecture.Nice try with the "gosh I respect you so much" BS, but I for one don't accept you insulting condescension and can't wait until YOUR team has the target painted on its back.
  7. Ken Hollands Backup plan (its worked before)

    I detest guys like Lappy and Neil when they play against us,which is exactly why guys like them would be a great addition.
  8. Draper ticked that Crosby snubbed Lidstrom

    Two people I can't wait to see vs. the Wings next year: Crosby and Patrick Sharp.I hope Nick Jr. or Mule decapitate both in '09-'10.
  9. Crosby didn't shake our players hands?

    Supposedly, ]Ilitch walked by Bettman who tried to shake his hand. Must be why Bettman didn't congratulate Wings or their fans during his little speech before handing the cup to Crosby. Who cares about Crosby. Crosby I think joined the handshake line late. I think I remember seeing Babs congratulating him on his "great leadership" and Crosby just kind of looks away from him and says nothing back.
  10. Mr. Hockey having a tough time

    I met Mrs. Howe and Gordie when they came to Lakeview Square Mall in Battle Creek back in '93. I was working as a stringer with the BC Enquirer and they sent me to cover an autograph session. I met with them in the mall offices to interview them and the affection between the two of them was evident. Two of the kindest, most sincere people I've ever met. I'll never forget that day.
  11. The team is not playing as if it is committed to team defense as it has been in several past seasons. I believe it's part of a "Cup Hangover" phenomenon. Also, and I'm sorry to say this, but IMO Ozzie has been brutal this season and Ty is just not used to carrying the load this many times this deep into a season. I hope he can hold out and/or that "playoff Ozzie" will reappear come the post season. I hope I'm completely wrong, but soemthing ain't right.
  12. fallen cup

    Those masters of journalistic accuracy over at CNN Headline News reported in a short blurb this morning that the Cup was damaged when players took it to a "Detroit bar." I guess someone forgot that it was at Cheli's Chilli Bar.
  13. Official: Hasek announces retirement

    It's a good thing when a player knows its time to go. Thanks Dom!
  14. Anyone Else Just Not Want To Go To Bed?

    I considered the same course of action this morning, but it would be way way obvious.