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  1. I have the FSN Ceremony and Wings Ducks game on DVD. I would be more than willing to copy it for anyone. I have sent out about 30 copies so far from my link at nhl connect. TonyH
  2. I am going for sure. Rob; you going...
  3. If the NHLPA raises the cap to 52 mil, then anything could be possible. NHLPA to raise Cap
  4. I have watched this kid play and lets just say this. He has the hands, skates like he is on fire and sees the ice like no other. He is very strong with the puck and a shot that just plain smokes. This kid is the real deal. He will be in the NHL and he will be there for a long time.
  5. I am sick of watching youtube hockey videos. Is it October yet!!!
  6. Wife said maybe tonight...
  7. Well, from this poll odds are in thier favor...
  8. Maybe I can get Eklund to say that I am getting a 1.25 mil per year deal to stay home and watch hockey this season. Yea, thats it...
  9. Tkachuk is one of those players who shows up to practice every now and then and if it does not suit him, he does not participate.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  11. I have watched him on several occassions. Man can he fly and he like cock roaches, everywhere!!! He has decent hands and is not affraid to get into the middle of the ice and take it to the net.
  12. I see his name attached to anything, I skip it.
  13. I vote for Ernie, hands down the best. I do Like Ken & Mick, especially when they get excited and Dats pulls one of his famous toe drags and scores...
  14. Day tickets are like $ 5.00 Evening games are $ 20 or 25.
  15. Well, I am planning on making the trip. I hope to at least attend a day session and a evening scrim. Tickets can be bought where, and in advance I hope.