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  1. hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! i saw this rumor and it said clearely gagner to the habs. if its not gagne for the habs, you can forget the deal. hahahaha funiest one... habs let go the player they most want.............GAGNER!
  2. lantedresse is considered like a futur simon gagne. if you think lang to the eyes of the habs is more valuable than latendresse, your gon crazy... trust me.. i am one of those peaple that think like that.
  3. abei,ryder and sourray for lang and datsyuk? i say its a good deal for the 2 teams.
  4. then we could say habs fans and detroit fans ok for abei and sourray for datsyuk?
  5. habs fan here: look you need a goaltender and a strond defence and we need a good centre, will you accept this deal? abei,sourray ....... for ...... datsyuk and a draft pick /or a prospect what do you say? or