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  1. The 2008 Trade Deadline Thread

    i like jason blake.
  2. Wings Goaltending

    I'm so sick of this trade ozzie s*** now. true he hasent played as well since his new deal but last 2 games if anyone knows hockey were not bad goaltending games. his rteam quit playing for him and left him out to dry. we have some of the best goaltending in the nhl. its just by chnace ozzie is hurt right now and dom isnet in net getting some of theses losses. whole first half of the year all you dom is done ozzie is great then change ur mind with the flip of a switch make me sick. learn hockey before you come in here and start saying trade ozzie. theres a reason we have the best gerneral manger in the nhl and theres a reason he signed him for another 3 years.
  3. 2/15 GDT: Blue Jackets 5, Red Wings 1

    no way to ever get rid of filpulla. he reminds me of hank when he was first starting off. he will be gold for us you just wait. also i really like franzen and hudler. they just dont get enoughe ice time. as for ozzie. none of theses goals hes letting are bad goals. his team has stoped playing for him it seems.
  4. Jimmy Howard

    why does howard wear 33 with the griffins then switch to 35 when he plays with the wings
  5. Cleary

    i'm so sick of this get rid of hudler stuff. they guy scores goals with still not alot of ice time. hes a 30 goal scorer for sure. few more years when ice time is freeed up. reason wings win is cuz we got different type of players to make a winning team. we need hudler just as much as we need clleary. only guys that are just on for the ride right now that we dont need is drake and kopecky and maybe malbty even though it pains me to say that since hes been here so long.
  6. Darren McCarty Progress Thread

    how long is drake signed for anyway. was it only a 1 year deal. i hope so cuz hes done nothing for us at all.
  7. 1/22 GDT: Red Wings 3, Kings 0

    sooo since ozzie has played well he should get a 2nd stright start like dom did but knowing babs that wont happen cuz he wants to get dom rolling.
  8. 1/19 GDT: Red Wings 6, Sharks 3

    I know i'm late on the subject but i hate how dome can slip up whenever he wants and get his chances to get back in there and for ozzie its like babs was waiting for oz to slip up so he could play dom more than he has. just seems unfair to ozzie. this was his game to play and to get him self back on track. f*** playing LA. they suck.
  9. 1/10 GDT: Wild 6, Red Wings 5 (SO)

    gezzz there goes ozzie's sweet GAA.
  10. Osgood Named to West All-Star Team

    its really hard to say. nabby has played every game for the sharks with no night off and has really good numbers. manny does play very weel for st. louis and is there all star but should not be at the game. lecalire should be there over many for sure. 6 shutouts and 2nd in votes for gialies to be the starter. kinda sucks but oh well just glad ozzie iis going.
  11. Osgood Named to West All-Star Team

    so i'm guessing nabby is the starter and ozzie gets 2nd peiord and manny gets 3rd but they way they have it on nhl.com its many nabby and then ozzie last which makes me confussed. ozzie should not be the 3rd peiord goalie
  12. Shoot Out skills competition to be judged now?

    remember the one year they had the goalie trying to score deal. and haske won lol. i think they should do that again.
  13. Official: Osgood Signs 3-Year, $4.25m Extension

    I could of sowrn earlier this season he said he wanted to play 5 more years. prolly could only get the contract for 3 years and then will resign again after that for 2 more. 38 would be to early for him to retire. 40 sounds good for the great oz.
  14. Bucci blogs the Wings

    Dont understand how he thinks are goaltending needs to be better for us to win the cup. our goaltending is at a all time high right now.
  15. Any one have pics of osgood at the all star game

    no he was waering 31 cuz i think belfore had 30