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  1. Does anybody NOT like the Ducks and the Sabres? With that said I'd love to see the Rangers win that series. Go Shanny!!
  2. So THAT'S why he's been better defensively this season...
  3. OMG 8-Bit Theater. I love you. But I hear Black Mage is out. Make it Fighter and Fighter.
  4. That's odd, 1270 AM is reporting that you'll play. Must be playoff time.
  5. I really like what you did with the bracket wallpaper, it looks great. However, I've really become partial to the Calendar/Schedule wallpapers that you put up in the regular season... any chance we could see a version like that for the playoffs? (Sorry... I guess I'm never satisfied )
  6. The Red Wings organization probably won't say the number. I think it's always been their policy not to.
  7. here's a link to the AM 1270 (sports radio in Detroit)'s homepage. They have a listen live button. I haven't tried it yet tho. http://www.wxyt.com/
  8. Just checked the stats, Teemu had 101 goals in his first 2 NHL seasons. Kind of funny that it was that close. (granted he only played 51 games in year 2) http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?service=page&am...81&tab=crst
  9. But ESPN is the Anti-Hockey... so maybe it's a bad sign
  10. That probably would've been easier than what I did. I found a Red Wings roster from 93-94 via Google, which also had statistics. I narrowed down the list to players who had their first goal during the 93-94 season. Then did a Google search for "[Player Name] first NHL goal" until I found the answer.
  11. You're probably right about that. But don't we want him to start playing better? I think bumping him to the 4th line and basically giving up on him would probably be worse for him than switching up his linemates. Who knows, he may start clicking with the kids and play well. If not, we're not really any worse off.
  12. I've been wishing for this for a long time. I'd love to see Flip and Huds on the 2nd line. My initial thought was Cleary-Flip-Huds, but I agree that the experience of Lang in a Flip-Lang-Huds line would also be nice. Especially since moving Lang to the 4th line would pretty much be giving up on him... like when the Yankees moved A-Rod to 8th in the batting order against the Tigers... he'd probably end up playing worse.
  13. Probably because Tkachuk will come cheaper than Guerin.