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  1. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6, at Blackhawks 1

    Finally, Cheli is back! I just don't get why he does not get minutes in this game. He can't possibly be a liability at this point (if that COULD even be the issue).
  2. WCF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6, at Blackhawks 1

    I Have not been on the forum.. but where is Chelios? Why does he only have 2 shifts?
  3. WCF GAME 1 GDT: Blackhawks 2 at Red Wings 5

    Lets Go Wings! We have will call tickets too... where do you get them? Is that down by the handicapped entrance?
  4. I miss Vladdy this time of year

    My favorite Konstantinov memory was getting to meet him Spring of 1996. He was at Gibraltor doing autographs. There was a HUGE line and he was just sitting there signing and smiling (remember, his English was not good). I finally got my chance. I shoved my jersey at him and asked him to 'do me a favor'. He got this horrified look on his face. Like what the hell does that crazy girl want? I asked him to lay out Claude Lemieux next time they played. Remember, this was right after THE FIGHT. He let it sink in what I said, then got this HUGE HUGE grin. He said 'I DO THAT for YOU'! And he did.... check it out.... here it is on youtube. Notice too, my name is VLADYFAN and my email has been for 15 years.....
  5. I just looked at my tickets for tomorrow (purchased by a friend, not me) and realized that we are two rows from the ice. The tickets were 120, so I was surprised that they were so cheap, really. I know that is a LOT of money, and I would not have paid that much myself, but I was still pleasantly surprised.
  6. I have been a die hard Wings fan for a very long time. I generally get to a couple games a year. I live in Findlay, and to be honest, it is EASIER, CHEAPER and QUICKER in and out to go to Columbus to see the Wings play. I love JLA, but for God's sake, you have to walk a mile to get in, and then up and down the steps. I often go with a friend who does not get around well, and it is just too difficult. The hubby and have invested in Center Ice on the HD. We drink premium beer at home and it is much cheaper. Nevermind the fact that it is 2 hours for me to get to the Joe.....
  7. Tonight's game on VS

    To be fair, we watch a TON of games, and the Columbus announcers are not that bad. Sure, they talk up their team, but they are not like Nashville or some of those horrible teams. With Center Ice, I have seen about all of it, and understand how GOOD announcers should be. GO WINGS!
  8. Tonight's game on VS

    I just don't get how they can just show wrestling instead of PLAYOFF HOCKEY?!! I mean, WTF?
  9. Tonight's game on VS

    I just had my SECOND nasty phone call to Time Warner Cable.... I was on the phone last night because there was no Center Ice... tonight, came home... no SOUND for the versus hd. So I go to regular HD, no sound. Pretty soon no picture. Then we will be back sign... then..... GET THIS>>>>>>>>> some damn wrestling or fighting show! Thank GOD we have Fox Sports Ohio!!! I am in Findlay, Ohio.
  10. Center Ice tonight?

    It was finally 'fixed' and the games were on just long enough for me to see the stars of the game. It was a screw up on there end... there better not be any when the Wings are not on National tv.... I don't get fox sports detroit. I am just hoping fox sports ohio will cover.
  11. Center Ice tonight?

    Thanks. I finally got off the phone. The woman (the SECOND ONE) I talked to, said that the Columbus, Ohio TIme Warner is 'having issues' with Center Ice. My guess is that Findlay got lumped in too. The FIRST woman I talked to tried to tell me that I needed a 'playoff subscription'.
  12. Center Ice tonight?

    What is up that there are NO Center Ice games??? I can't get th Caps/Rangers game. I have spent 20 minutes on the phone with the cable co. and they tell me that Center Ice does not cover the playoffs. They always did, has anyone else had problems???? I live in Findlay, Ohio.
  13. Stevie Y @ Fan Fest!

    I was there as well. I had NO idea that Stevie was going to be signing. I heard some guy say hey, Yzerman is... and off I was. I managed to wade my way in and got my jersey signed. I did not get the cool pics, as I had too many people in front of me holding up their stuff. I was very excited, though! I was disappointed at the lack of current players there, though. I had thought that perhaps some of the regulars (the Grindline perhaps?) would show up. NO dice. EDIT Thanks for sharing your photos... I will copy some of them for my scrapbook!
  14. Pictures from tonight's game

    Oh my! That is tooo funny! Here is the link to the others... share yours?? My friend is a huge Pavel fan... hence all of those of him. http://picasaweb.google.com/vladyfan/Wingsjackets2008
  15. Pictures from tonight's game

    the rest...