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  1. If I remember correctly the "Crosby Clause" was created when Lids, Dats and Crosby were going to skip the ASG because all 3 were banged up. Buttman got his feelings hurt and wanted them to at least show up for the festivities. Not seeing where any double standard would be this year since Crosby is injured and not playing just as the rule requires.
  2. Didn't these two have a cartoon show or something...Ferry & Dickslapped the ambiguously *** duo.
  3. wow, on that big ice it looks like the little mimi-mites that usualy play between periods all jacked up on suger.
  4. Now that would be "must see TV" in their prime. Ozzy would probly be the leading scorer on this line.
  5. I guess Kenny felt we had a need to bring in a "L&S specialist" At least the price is good, and hopefully the Flames not having any interest in him has put a little fire in him.
  6. Took the refs a min to figure out what was going on, from the screaming they where looking for a 12 year old girl on the ice somewhere.
  7. So thats about 9 goals against in the last 3 periods
  8. My VS shows the Pens leading
  9. I have direct TV and have only watched 2-3 games on the Center Ice Package, I got the sports package(all the fox sports channels) and between Versus-NHLN-Fox sports haven't needed Center Ice.
  10. this is working out great.........so do they actually show anything besides Crosby on this network?
  11. this is crap, Center Ice - FSD - Versus and i have to watch the crapy NHL channel that has to get its from FSD. There didn't seem to be any tech problems till Gary got his hands in it
  12. I just noticed it's on here Direct tv channel 215
  13. after watching the Sabres/Leafs game, this one is looking like crap. oh well i guess thats Duck hockey
  14. Ozzie is on tonight