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  1. Happy B-Day Dats!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DATSYUK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. NHL's All Time Most Hated.

    1.Chris Pronger 2.Rob Niedermayer 3.Scoot Niedermayer 4.Jordin Toto 5.Jermery Roenick
  3. What is your favorite Nicklas Lidstrom moment/play?

    hey everyone i would have to say my favorite moment of Nick Lidstrom's is when he won the Norris for the 4th time in a row this year will make 5 also when he won the Stanley Cup i know that probly sounds kind of stupid.
  4. Nicklas Lidstrom

    yes Nick is the best captain. im not saying he is not better then Yzerman nobody will ever take Yzerman's place but i still think he is a good captain and no im not saying that just because i love him either
  5. Chris Chelios

    yea i will give it up to him he has been playing very good and very good shape i hope he stays for a very long time. i would love to see him play til his oldest son Dean comes to the NHL i would love to see Dean play for the red wings that would make my day i heard he is a very good player
  6. Non-Michigan fans: How did you become a Wings fan?

    my dad was born in Michigan, he is the whole reason i started to watch them i fell in love with them i remeber seeing McCarty scoring all those crazy goals it was awsome. ever since them i fell in love with them by the way it would help if i told you where i was from hehe i live in Alabama
  7. Article on Calder

    thats funny, they need to get there players right