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  1. GDT

    That was way to close. Please someone tell me it wasnt that close to going to ot. omg. Go Wings!!!! YEAH!!!!
  2. 35 seconds away.
  3. And people thought this game was an automatic win.
  4. I'm so nervous about tonights game. I'm more nervous about tnoights game then any other of the stanley cup clinchning games. I just need to suck it up. Go Wings!
  5. I'm so nervous. I wont be celebrating untill the clock reads 0:00 and I see Lindstrom holding up the Stanley Cup. I really want that 11th stanley cup banner. I will be so nervous untill i know for sure that banner is coming. No mercy Detroit. End it on Monday!
  6. relax thread starter. take a deep breath.
  7. Exactly. Crosby is a lil trit.
  8. I don't think Babs has played any game and if the wings do win the cup Babs will be on it.
  9. I can barely watch this game. I feel like i'm going to puke. I have faith in these wings though to come back. Just need to push through the agony of being down 1.
  10. I'm so so nervous... Just drop the puck already.
  11. The pens can have the media attention. I want another stanley cup banner in the joe. Give me that banner and the pens can have all the media attention they want.
  12. I bet Ozzies wife is thrilled with this article. lol. I have never heard a bad word about Ozzie though so his wife has nothing to worry about. Those pitt kids are probably jeolous though.
  13. I'm just so nervous about the game tonight. I want that 11th Stanley Cup Banner up at the joe more than anything. I don't know how I will react to a pitt goal. I may go nuts. I say the Wings will win 3-1.