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  1. gdt

    Hahahahaha! Now ain't that typical.
  2. Awesome But you need to scuff up one of the eyes...
  3. That's pretty cringe-worthy, seems like you can see his shin bend on impact...
  4. gdt

    Good night all!
  5. gdt

    I guess at least now I don't need to listen to those two dimwits any more
  6. gdt

    Hahaha! Ok, you got a point there
  7. gdt

    I agree, definitely worth listening when he's doing it. Did Coreau just give someone a 'blockerwash'? Awesome
  8. gdt

    Yeah, radio doesn't hold a candle to seeing the game, but I used to end up stuck with radio pretty often way back when. If the play-by-play guy is good you can at least get a decent sense of the progress of the game. With these tools I might as well put on a completely unrelated show for all the information they are conveying... Edited for: rebellious typing fingers...
  9. gdt

    These announcers are really starting to piss me off. I can hear sticks and skates and the puck in the background, and they are just jabbering away about whatever. It's ridiculously incompetent.
  10. gdt

    Trying to puzzle that out. I've heard Alfie's name a couple times, and Weiss's basically not at all. Alfie is supposedly -2, and Weiss 0. I can't figure out if they are still on the same line, but with these announcers I might as well just guess...
  11. gdt

    Any notion who Alfie is playing with? He seems to be minus 2, but Weiss is at 0?! Maybe the boxscore is just messed up.
  12. gdt

    Announcing? Now there's an idea. I think those guys talking should think about doing a little of that
  13. gdt

    Seriously? This game was annoying enough already
  14. gdt

    And Sharp scores... blargh