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  1. All Time Favorite Fights

    Back in the old days Gordie Howe fought Lou Fontinanto and absolutely destroyed him. Fontinato was never the same so called tough guy again. Probert's fights with Coxe were also good ones.
  2. Early Predictions Wings out in First Round

    The Vancouver Smucks have to make the playoffs first. They are long time losers with no cups except what is between their legs. Detroit will reach the Stanley Cup final and win it if they stay healthy in the playoffs.
  3. Pronger Suspended 8 Games

    How much longer is Pronger going to get away with this nonsense. Burke is in bed with Colin Campbell again. The minimum that joker should have got was 20 games. Like someone else said he just gets a rest before the playoffs. It should have been for the rest of the regular season and playoffs. It always seems to end up as a double standard with the so called star players getting a break. When is the league going to smarten up.
  4. McCarty called up

    I am looking forward to seeing D Mac re united with the Grind Line. I wonder if Pronger is looking forward to possibily running into Mac in the playoffs.
  5. Top 5 Favourite Players of All Time?

    1. Gordie Howe 2. Steve Yzerman 3. Terry Sawchuk 4. Bobby Orr 5. no not Eddie Shack 5. Nick Lidstrom
  6. Ed Jovanovski for the Norris

    Jovo has had a good year but not a Norris year. Nick , even though he missed 6 games is still the best. Look what also happened to the Wings without Nick in the line up. He will get the Norris and be in the running for the MVP.
  7. would you?

    Absolutely not.
  8. Original Six match-up?

    Personally I would like the league if possible create an original 6 division with Detroit, Chicago NY Rangers, Boston, Montreal, and Toronto. The problem of course is that Detroit and Chicago are in the Western Conference.
  9. Biggest Wing Fan

    I have been a Wings fan since 1959 as a 6 year old kid. Those were the days with Gordie, Terry Sawchuk, Alex Delvecchio, Norm Ullman etc.
  10. How healthy is Hank?

    Lately all the Wings have been like that but don't be surprised if Zetterberg sits the last 3- 5 games before the playoffs to give his back a rest. You would have to be out of your mind to let Zetterberg so called "walk" .
  11. buffalo moving cambell and kotalik?

    I would if Blake isn't available go after Brian Campbell and the try to sign him over the summer to a two to three year deal.
  12. Will the Wings do much by the deadline?

    I would try and get Rob Blake or Brian Campbell for the blueline. The scoring forward at this point would be Hossa if the price is right. Prospal may not be a bad fit either. Sundin may be difficult to get especially what the Leafs may want( alot). We cannot afford to be pounded around especially if we play teams like Anaheim or San Jose.
  13. Rafalski out with a groin injury; Quincey called up

    From what I have seen in the last five games is lack of intensity, defensive and neutral zone turnovers, skating like they are in cement. The defensive zone coverage has been awful. Too many odd man rushes and below average goaltending. Hasek in Toronto, Ozzie in a couple of games could have been better against Anaheim. In most of those games the Wings were not a puck possession team. If I was Detroit right now I would keep Quincey once Kronwall and Rafalski come back and send down Lilja. he has been god awful(Mr. Turnover). The trading deadline either pick up Blake for the experience and physical presence or Brian Campbell, Dan Boyle.