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    hockey, playing guitar, music, , I like playing in-line hockey, and have been collecting hockey cards since 1989.

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  1. autographed memoribilia for sale

    Im seeking a federov 8X10 autograph for my son,he was a stanley cup baby,back to back years,if you do,how much?I have a joey kocur 8x10 holding stanley cup autograph picture i could give up,thank you.
  2. i would say 40 -50 for the puck,and i would say 300 - 400 for jersey,but that is just ball park from the days i used to collect,,back in the early 90 - 98,hope i helped out a little....
  3. what are u looking for and i might have, wlling to trade or sell, there just sitting there collecting dust,looking for good home,and owner,im seeking auto. pictures of red wings in trade,cards in good shape.