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  1. and yet williams is out for 8 weeks.
  2. I go to the michigan theather in jackson, we have won every game that i have been there and admission is free.
  3. does anyone know when and where i can buy a hossa jersey? like when are they avalible?
  4. this is hilarious. i am useing it as my myspace defult picture right now.
  5. i hope with all of these signings tampa can't afford to sign rolston. i still want to see him in detroit.
  6. scared... i wonder what happens to you if we win the cup.
  7. I don't think it has even hit me yet... we are here, and the other teams are not. this is great! here is to monday!
  8. Other by a long shot.
  9. i just got mine today, and it is great. im wearing it right now.
  10. PS

    same here...
  11. McCarty avoided a lot of those hits in that last fight. Great video!
  12. nevermind...
  13. woah, thats really weird.... today at lunch a band was playing this song as a preview for tomorrows talent show, and i was thinking this song is cool, but what is it called... i just found out it is called welcome home, by coheed and cambria.
  14. DET/COL: 4-2 SJ/DAL: 4-3 MON/PHI: 4-1 PIT/NYR: 4-2