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  1. RainingBlood


  2. RainingBlood

    Renney out, Granato in

    I'm ok with Granato but defensively I know its not going to happen but they need a coach like Chelios to teach some of these bums how to play defense.
  3. 1st the signing of Franzen over Hossa whoch now looks worse and worse. Weiss signing over Filppula. Yes there was time where Filppula looked lost but let's face it at half the player he is better then Weiss. Those 25 goals and 33 assists would have looked nice on the roster last year. He used his last buyout on Tootoo who was to make a little over 1 million this year on the last year of his deal...why? This season its sitting back and watching other teams pick up players. I know the Red Wings aren't really a destination anymore but I wouldn't have bitched even if the Red Wings took a 1 year flyer on Heatley. Which he ended up signing for 1 million with Anaheim. Hell they should have just bit the bullet and brought legwand back. Now there is no promise that even Alfredsson will come back. Also with the talks of trading Tatar for Green I just don't know anymore. I've tried soo hard to support Holland but I just can't anymore.
  4. RainingBlood

    MDZ close to signing with wings?

    Is this an E5
  5. RainingBlood

    Mike Green to Wings?

    I hope this is an Eklund rumor http://www.hockey-trades.com/2014/07/nhl-trade-rumors-mike-green-to-detroit.html
  6. RainingBlood

    What would you give up for Malkin?

    I said maybe Emmerton. I wouldnt part with any young player unless they get great value back.
  7. RainingBlood

    If Hossa gets bought out..

    Im hoping the devils buy out Kovalchuk. He would be the sniper on the powerplay the wings desperately need.
  8. RainingBlood

    What would you give up for Malkin?

    I wouldnt do it for Nyquist. I would trade 2 1st round picks, smith, Tatar or Sheahan for Malkin. The only few untouchables out of the young players are Brunner(if he reups) andersson,Nyquist, DeKeyser , and maybe Emmerton. The rest are fair game.
  9. RainingBlood

    Rangers buying out Richards?

    Id rather keep Filp than sign richards. Plus Filp career has a better faceoff percentage than Richards.
  10. If the wings can pull it out saturday. That will be a series win over the ducks and hawks. I seriously dont see how they dont make it to the finals and win it all. This team has out played the hawks in all aspects.
  11. This came directly from hawktalk board "CBC announcer: "The Red Wings system is really stymieing the Hawks". Yeah, I'd say hooking, holding and interference would do that. Not sure I'd call it a "system". I'd call it cheating. But, what is cheating if the refs don't make the calls? Oh, that's right, it's called "Red Wings hockey". Im playing the worlds smallest violin for them...like they havent gotten away with murder during the regular season
  12. RainingBlood

    Brad Stuart to the West Coast?

    The way the sharks have dismantled the redwings this year so far it would be stupid to trade Stuart there
  13. RainingBlood

    Red Wings Alumni lineup

    when doing it I thought the same thing. Hull Shanahan and yzerman would be good for 40 goals combbined maybe more
  14. RainingBlood

    Red Wings Alumni lineup

    I really interested to see the Lineup the Red Wings will bring out. My dream lineup for the game which I know wont be completey accurate. 1st Line-Hull,Yzerman,Shanahan 2nd line-Fedorov,Larionov, Kozlov 3rd line-Brown,Sheppard,Oates 4th line(Grind Line)-Maltby,Draper,McCarty ... Defense 1st-Lidstrom(if retired) or Schneider, Murphy 2nd-Rafalski,Chelios 3rd-Coffey,Fetisov Goalies Osgood, Hasek,Cheveldae coach scotty bowman I don't see Fedorov being apart of it know his relationship with the organization and his contract with the KHL. Same goes with Kozlov with his KHL contract. The rest seem like they could all play unless working for the NHL prevents Shanahan, and working for NHL teams pervents Bowman, Yzerman, and Oates
  15. RainingBlood

    Flyers fans boo anti-cancer commercial

    You are right, not to mention the Eagles pelted the skinny drunk santa clause in 1968 when the Eagles were loosing to the Minnesota Vikings and finished off last place 2-12. They hired a drunk skinny santa who was at the game as a fan to attend the game to run on the field. Its like they were shooting him with guns. The fan was Ocean City native Frank Olivio. They tracke dhim down last year and said he got a laught when they started to throw snowballs. Got snowballs are the most non lethal thing they could have thrown. Now on the flyers fans behalf I live in Philadelphia area and hate the Flyers. I have to defend them on the basis of they were not booing cancer. They couldnt hear what was being said on the screen. They saw Crosby who they hate, Towes who just held the cup up in their building a few seasons ago, and Ryan Miller who gave them fits in the playoffs last season so they booed. After the video was over it says NHL fights cancer. These are the same fans that in 1993 on his 1st game back from radiation gave Mario Lemieux a 7 minute standing ovation for a player that they despised. Every time he touched the puck they cheered. He got a goal in a Philadelphia 5-4 win and Lemieux got a cheer from the crowd when he scored. This situation is so blown out of proportion.