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  1. Ference, he only has 4 carrer nhl goals!
  2. You guys really jumped to conclusions fast on my post. I think Holland is a great GM. I do think last years offseason was just as bad. But, losingMARKOV! hurts real bad Especially when holland says he's "done!"
  3. Holland's goals for this offseason were resign Bert, and add a couple of defensemen. The idea was to get us a few games further and into the finals. Losses -Bertuzzi -Schneider -Cadler (and Williams) -Lang Additions +Rafalski Same =Hasek resigns Unfortunatly the wings have become a less talented team, losing what helped get them to the Conference finals. To make it worse, the team that eliminated us took two of our biggest names. Sorry, but I have to be pessimistic about this season seeing that holland says shopping is done. Wtf? He completly bombed in all of his goals. We have Hasek, but that's it. Rafalski replaces Schnieder. But we don't add a couple of defensemen. And, we had more $ to do it too, with the cap! Mine as well just let the ducks, sharks, or rangers win it all. The Wings are practically handing them the cup.
  4. IT IS ALL ABOUT $$$ edit so fits on page: BC
  5. Good Riddance! Bertuzzi Did Nothing For Us!
  6. Sorry, I guess I did. Sorry.
  7. How about shanny?
  8. Who will be in a Wings jersey next season? Remember, last offseason was rather bleak, so I wonder how far they could go with some big additions? How bout Pronger, if you can't beat him, make him join you! Fedorov? Any suggestions?
  9. Totally agree, I've never been impressed with Bertuzzi
  10. Who would you rather see the Wings play? I say stars!
  11. Hey, i'm glad we've got Bertuzzi and all, but I've noticed a trend. We seem to lose when ever Bertuzzi plays and we haven't lost in a while. I don't think it's Todd's fault. I just think it's the way the cookie crumbles. Silly huh?
  12. I COMPLETLY disagree, but she does have apoint.
  13. I'm watching. I need to figure out who is gonna win those East series for my hockey pool.
  14. Lazy and Sucks better start contributing.
  15. If you can't watch tew Wings game, watch it on Yahoo. (Or VS,FSN)