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  1. hi LGW, please perma-ban and delete my account. i don't want to associate with the kind of mouth-breathers that might create a thread suggesting that brad stuart is the best hitter in the league. thanks a bunch!
  2. i'd rather see meech on the ice than chelios, yes. quincey looks like s***, but at least he has the ability to improve his game. chelios is done like dinner.
  3. too bad it wasn't career-ending.
  4. just retire already, chelios. jesus christ.
  5. hasek, go take a ride in heatley's ferarri.
  6. absolutely NAILED it.
  7. anyone who thinks hasek can actually lead this team to a cup is delusional.
  8. going to be painful waiting for her call. college radio is awful. here's some college girls shouting! here's a 42 minute long intro of old highlights! how about an anti-drug commercial with a retarded premise? :puke aaaaaaaand her phone's breaking up.
  9. it's all up to hasek. will he only give up 1 soft goal a game, or two?
  10. the extra space can be used to sign miller to a reasonable deal after hasek retires and we trade for him. ahuahuahuahuahuahuahuahuahua
  11. fleury already used one in a game in 04-05. vanbiesbrouck used one in the ASG like 10 years before that.
  12. if lou was smart he wouldn't have been so fast to sign that deal with vancouver right after the trade. should have just signed with the wings as a UFA that offseason.