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  1. Ditto here in Harrison Township...which is in Macomb County. Awesome.
  2. lgw

    Better link: More live then the other..and smoother.
  3. I can't tell from your post if this was an authentic or not, although I think you're saying it is. To be the bad news bearer, the lettering is not authentic on this jersey. The wings use a typeface that slants each individual letter and these are just letters that are rotated. Authentic:
  4. I think what you meant to say was he looks like Teddy Roosevelt.
  5. That's what I heard, too!
  6. Ryan Miller will be with the Sabres for 5 extra years.
  7. Further..the two cups were held in 1996 and 2004. So we're not due until 2012 if they keep the 8 year gap
  8. Shores Inn is in St. Clair Shores on Mack Avenue, just south of 9 Mile on the East side. Plenty of parking in rear. I spend many games there. Derian's Hatchy's in Utica is also very nice for Wings games. Flat screen TV at every booth. Oh, also: They changed the official JoeVision watching place to Hockeytown this proven by the 80 emails the Red Wings website sends me a week. I can see them possibly reintroducing JoeVision in the Finals if we make it.
  9. And it's Jose as of tonight: Also:
  10. That's why you have two mother effin refs...the first guy never would have seen it because he was looking exactly where he should be. And it was a penalty that HAD to be called.
  11. Is anyone else getting commercials in the middle of play? It started in the pregame. It just cuts away from the game to go to commercial!
  12. Certainly not true. All goals are rounded to the highest second remaining. You don't normally see tenths of seconds until the game is under 1 minutes. A goal scored w/ 59.4 seconds left will be marked at 19:00. A goal scored w/ 22.1 will be recorded at 19:37 and finally, in our example above, NO goal should ever be recorded at 20:00. If the time was more than 0.0 seconds than the goal must be recorded as 19:59. EDIT: This is shown by the game sheet of the game in question found at : The goal was recorded at 19:59, not 20:00..just a mistake by the PA announcer.
  13. The Holmstrom Effect will follow us all year.
  14. FSN HD sucks for everyone again tonight I assume? Awesome..
  15. It's clearly a little joke all the sites have contributed to. It's been this way for years..I remember an article on either ESPN or Fox Sports that talked about it.