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  1. Trade Deadline Options

    That's where you're wrong. I'm not talking about the Wings signing him, just a rental for this seasons playoff run. Alex is still playing out the last year of his 1st NHL contract. He is only making $984,200 this season. If the Caps can't get him signed in the next 120 days (or so) before the trade-deadline, they will be forced to trade him to a playoff team as a rental or risk losing him for nothing in the summers as a free agent. So yes, Ovechkin will get a big pay raise when he signs his next contract. But if that does not happen before the trade-deadline then he would be a cheap rental for a playoff team. Yes it may cost us Flip. But it would be so worth it to make a play off run with an Ovechkin, Zetterberg, Datsyuk line. And we've all seen how difficult contact negotiations with star Russian players can be. There is a good chance the Caps don't get the his contract done in time. So as a rental, it is NOT out of the question.
  2. Trade Deadline Options

    Don't forget that the Cap's are yet to sign Alex O and he could become a free agent this summer. Therefore unless he manages to turn the Cap's season around he could be available as a rental player. He desperately wants to get into the playoffs. And you know the Caps would likely prefer to send him to a Western team at the deadline if it come down to that. Check this Ottawa Sun article out.... Alex O. Ottawa Sun artile "ALEX THE GREAT Where exactly the Washington Capitals are in their negotiations with star Alexander Ovechkin, general manager George McPhee is not saying. He wants to keep contract talks as private as possible to avoid the daily questions and potential distractions. The Caps have enough on their plates on the ice, without any off-ice issues. Bottom line is McPhee simply has to find a way to sign his star, who potentially could become an unrestricted free agent in the summer, but the Caps are not likely to let that happen. The question is whether the $8.7 million US, on average, the Pittsburgh Penguins are paying Sidney Crosby, will be enough for Ovechkin. There have been reports the 22-year-old has rejected that figure, but they also have been denied. The Ovechkin pot got stirred this past week when he was quoted by a Soviet reporter, who is based in the U.S., as saying: "I don't know yet where I will be next season. I am not negotiating my new contract. I want to stay in Washington. But who knows what is going to happen?" Who knows, indeed. Like we said, the Caps just have to get it done. According to stats the club issued before their game last night, Ovechkin had scored three of their past four goals and had accounted for 29.3% of their goals this season. Only Kovalchuk had a higher percentage, at 30.6%. And despite that the Caps were in last place." How great would it be to see him in the playoffs this year on a line with Pavel & Hank??!!! As bad as the Cap's have played in the 1st quarter, it's not out of the question.
  3. Dom Bashers Welcome!

    I hate saying but, Dom has not looked good. If the playoffs started Monday I would say start Ossy. However the fact is that we are just 7 weeks in, about a quarter of the season. Well see what's up in another 7 weeks.
  4. Hall of Fame Worthy Players

    Mats Sundin - Yes Eric Lindros - No Peter Forsberg - Yes Jeremy Roenick - No Rod Brind'Amour - Yes Mark Recchi - Yes Mike Modano - Yes Keith Tkachuk - No Chris Osgood - No (Not Yet. A Cup this year would help) Scott Niedermayer - Yes Brendan Shanahan - Yes Sergei Fedorov - Yes Rob Blake - No Alexander Mogilny -No Curtis Joseph - No Teemu Selanne - Yes Gary Roberts - No Nikolai Khabibulin - No
  5. Bettman gets his own radio show

    What games are you refering to? I have not noticed any games missing from Center Ice? (Sorry to go off topic)
  6. AO in a night club brawl in Moscow

    The guy had it coming.
  7. article on reds wings and original six

    HELL YEAH BABY! You know it theman19.
  8. This makes me sick

    That photo of Arnold just goes to prove that an immigrant can achieve anything in America. He might be president one day.
  9. NHL Tournament of Logos

    The Capitals new logo goes against the Bruins "B" in the 1st round. Damn. Caps new logo will get killed.
  10. Oleg Tverdovsky signs in Russia

    Markov could be next.
  11. Oleg Tverdovsky signs in Russia

    I can't believe all the Russian players leaving the NHL to play back in Russia.
  12. Official 2007-08 Red Wings Schedule

    12/17/07 = A.O. goes to Hockeytown!
  13. In serious withdrawl symptons

    I am gonna bounce off the wall non-stop from now until the preseason starts.
  14. Nick Zherdev

    Nikolai will bounce back next season. Be it in Columbus or else where.
  15. Who has the best fans

    It's easy to be a Wings fan. Capital fans have had it rough but, it should get easier this season.