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  1. How about that shootout Grigorenko goal?

    looked like #13 on the move, he is not as fast as I thought but have been waiting a long time to see
  2. Most Annoying NHL Fans

    Yeah, I wish the people at the Joe would boo more than just Federov. I wish they would boo the other team all the time they touch the puck. That would be a great thing to start up.
  3. Sergei Fedorov boos

    Federov was always overpaid,almost left once for more money, and did not appreciate what the Illitches did for his life. I hope he burns in hell.
  4. Lebda and Kronwall...

    Thinking they both will be good. If Kronner stays healthy for a full year and settles down. He has had his full share of injuries over the years already. I call it the Wings defenseman curse. We have a top D-man go down every year for long stretches at a time for the last six years. Lebda is like "wow". When was the last time you seen a defenseman take it from end to end. Learning from Cheli doesn't hurt either.
  5. Morning Skate

    Should be really interesting. Good luck tonite Bert!