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  1. Malkin's penalty rescinded (merged)

    shouldnt he also be suspended for fighting and not having his jersey tied down...came off pretty quick and easy...or am i missing something...besides that he is a penguin brutus
  2. Greetings from Pittsburgh

    Probably because you people don't understand them...see statistics are often used to affirm an assertion or validate a position in an argument. It is one of those pesky logical thought process things or an example of critical thinking. WHOAAA... Sorry, I did'nt mean to get too deep into the explaination because I am sure it will be over your head and most likely a waste of both our time. BTW: I typed this very slowly to enhance your comprehension; feel free to move your lips while you are reading it if it helps. brutus
  3. NHL Situation Room Blog

    great site...much appreciate the link. It is nice to actually see that there is/can be some sort of rational thought process behind some of the decisions. Now what I would really like to see is how they hold the officials acountable, because I do NOT have confidence that it happens as often as it should brutus edited to add the appropriate NOT
  4. celine dion looking to buy hockey team said "...dick of it 10+..." niiiiice...
  5. When to do this?

    That is the one I was thinking my memory fades I also seem to remember that they (colorado) went on to win the game as well.... brutus
  6. When to do this?

    Didnt san jose do something like that against detroit one year...pulled the goalie way early and went on to win the game...??? brutus
  7. hilarious impression of Preds fans

    So...I am not sure what you are saying here...are you claiming to be as redneck or not as redneck as the person living in the "shed" or the predator fans. It would seem to me that your case argument would lend more credibility to your affiliation with redneckism or redneckocity than against it even though you claim to "leave the city” to urinate on a building on a farm....not trying be an asshat here just trying to figure out what your intention was. Frankly growing up and living in Ann Arbor makes me think anyone in Michigan outside of the US23-M14-I94 corridor is a redneck and there has been little to dissuade me. <- obvioulsy being an asshat here if you cant take a joke move on. Do you think Mo-Cheese (arguably the most high profile Red Wings fan) is a redneck? -I sure do. brutus
  8. hilarious impression of Preds fans

    have you ever been to Taylor? or should i say Taylortucky. brutus
  9. Big Montreal Scandal...

    the aristocrats
  10. Bob Rouse honored

    Boob Rouse was a phenominal player. Good for him. I know he was a great stay-at-home defenceman but I was somewhat surprised to see he only scored 37 goals in over 1000 games though...I wonder what the lowest goals/game is for players with over 1000 games? brutus
  11. Darren McCarty cleared waivers

    WAAAAAIIIIT a minute there do realize that this kind of thinking will cause the end of internet boards across the internets...all of them!! How dare you, dare you inject such a rational realization into this should be ashamed of yourself and I recommend a self imposed exile until you can regather your panties into a bunch and realize the sky IS falling like the rest of us. Good day! whew! now that I have that off my chest there are some valid points...too few worth mentioning though. Anyone who thought Mac was going to float along on the roster the whole season obviously did not understand the nature of the contract he signed, along with Downey. I will agree that we miss Drake's presence on the ice...he made every player of every opposing team not only look for the puck but also him. Players like that are few and far between...neither Mac nor Downey are that player Furthermore the grit slappies or fight mongers or toughness turds whatever you call them will never be satisfied until we get the reincarnation of Probert and Kocur...and how many championships did we win with them? guess what...aint gonna happen while kenny is running the team...I would take trophies and championships over arbitrarily defined "toughness" any day. brutus
  12. Schneider waived by Ducks/traded to Atlanta.

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth :battle: brutus
  13. Franzen vs. Hossa

    Actually Hossa (careeerwise) produces more that twice the output of Franzen per game...thus a doubling of the salary of Franzen, in my opinion, is still worth it...not to mention Hossa is certianly not a defensive liability...not sure what else you count as "contribution to the team" but I think offense and defense sum it up pretty nicely...unless you mean "contribution to the team" by bringing donuts, and in that case I have no information for you, and you may very well be correct, he might not bring donuts. ...therefore...if you cant see the benefits then...I do not know what to tell you but snarky comments do not further your cause. Also to those who think Hossa somehow slips during the playoffs his pts/gm only goes down .1 or so in the playoffs. Much better than many players. brutus
  14. Franzen vs. Hossa

    Damn! As much as I do not like you personally and feel like you are an....well better left unsaid...I must agree with you on this...feels like am I am agreeing with satan...I hate myself now Anyone who would take Franzen over Hossa is delusional, hell I would give up Franzen, Sammy, Lilja, and Hudler to keep Hossa. There are plenty of young guys coming up or that will be available to fill those roles. Giving the option of having a 3rd superstar forward on the team?!?!? many teams have the posibility if having 3 of (arguably) the top 20-25 forwards in the game...let alone the best defense...not many I can assure you. brutus
  15. Stuart 6?

    pray tell what are these theories...or are they just full of s?