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  1. Aflac?

    WCCO says theyre broadcasting all preseason games for the Wild Hope it works for ya' GO WINGS!
  2. should we split up datsyuk and zetterberg ?

    I don't know...Datsyuk or Hank have both had NO problem solving Kipper. Splitting them up is GOING to happen...when? I don't know. I'd like them both set up with someone to take on Iginla's obligatory fight.
  3. Welcome to LGW!

    I rooted hard for the Sabres to beat the Canes...I had a lot of good back and forth with Oiler fans last year...I'll miss it ...Won't miss the result. I look forward to talking with other fans, of other teams, They get just as passionate(almost) as Wings fans and let me know WHY they like their team. So in the next season I can look at the Team with the rosieness turned down a bit in my goggles. It's just makes fans turn into intelligent fans. :hockeysmile:
  4. 4/7 GDT Blackhawks @ Red Wings...last game!

    knocking on wood 3-2 wings let's wrap this up
  5. Gordie Howe Sculpture

    We have some friends (who are hockey fans and even play) that run and work at a bronze foundry here in kalamazoo. They just delivered the statue. so we posted some pics of the sculpture and process Any one going to the game tomorrow? Gordie's there
  6. D pairings

    Has that ever been uttered?
  7. 3/22 GDT: Blue Jackets @ Red Wings

    he continued to play...till the last second
  8. 3/22 GDT: Blue Jackets @ Red Wings

    Babs says Bert will skate with Dats and Homer At least to start.
  9. 3/22 GDT: Blue Jackets @ Red Wings

    Helene St. James says Berts IN!
  10. Tootoo

    CBC's Scott Morrison has learned that NHL senior vice-president Colin Campbell will conduct a hearing with Tootoo to determine if supplemental discipline is warranted. As of late Saturday night, Campbell would not say whether the hearing would take place in person or over the phone. The former, a meeting at the league offices, usually guarantees a suspension of four or more games.
  11. Wings acquire Kyle Calder in 3-way deal

    I would have been happy if Willy was traded for anyone with or without a pulse. I watched Calder play a few times and he was one of the few guys on the flyers with any energy. I am pleased. I did cartwheels. I called several friends. That was because Willy was gone...I don't know what kind of bet Babs lost with Willy, but Willy on the point was just silly. It was like some weird truth or dare consequence. Since Willy got clocked he's been real timid. Calder will mix it up from time to time. Good trade Is it the last? I don't know. It's better than standing pat with Willy on the point. Our power play just got better by the omission of Willy. That's AWSOME.
  12. Following Players placed on Waivers

    Doesn't Cajanek make like 1.7 mil. year...he also plays LW. +2 player on st.louis.
  13. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

  14. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

  15. 2/23 GDT: Oilers @ Red Wings

    Lookie...the reffs got brand NEW sweet whistles. Check out the tone man ...seriously check OUT this TONE.