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  1. GDT

    The poster is amazing, FlashyG. Nice work.
  2. omg. that. is. hilarious.
  3. I haven't posted in a long time but thought I'd drop by to express my sincere ... oops, I just threw up on my keyboard
  4. gdt

  5. I'm not panicking.... As for the struggling power play, Babcock said, “I thought Samuelsson was impressive on the power play, he really shot the puck, so we'll put him on that first unit and get them shooting and getting it back.'' .... OK. Now I'm panicking.
  6. at least we got Sammy ! ! oh well. it was a good run. thanks for those great 20 years.
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! ! ! Gawd....my head is swimming...nausea grips me.... I need a drink. Possibly a quick two-year coma.
  8. I predict suspension.
  9. best game of year! Bert, Z, Mule = Treachery! fun line. Jimmeh, please, less _/-\_ , more __||__
  10. (who knows how many more times I'll get to post this photoshop, so I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity)
  11. Hahaha! nice.
  12. going for #13! #13 ! hat trick tonight, woot! 13 #13 ! drat. ok, I'll be 12.
  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you do! especially the archive. You are my hero.