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  1. Didn't look at the dates, was thinking Panik's hat trick was included in this past week on top of the other 3 points.
  2. Good luck on your new website, and respectfully, hope you decide to stick around here as a fan yourself and help better our community as well. I've always found that new promotions like this are better received from established members of forums and groups and want to become involved themselves. Let's Go Wings!
  3. I would have thought Richard Panik over Anisimov to be honest. Awesome week for Green, notable mention of our new boy Vanek also who has been superb since game 1. If we can see more of this out of Green, as we know he's a capable offensive threat, we can have one of the better PP units in the league and maintain the scoring pace that they have shown so far.
  4. Fire everyone! Blow it all up! KILL THEM WITH FIRE!! It's still early, but I feel a hell of a lot better now than I did after our first two games this season.
  5. Sproul is making a strong case to keep himself on this roster. It took him all of one period last game to start fitting in and tonight played like a veteran who has been on this squad for years. We didn't get pummeled in shots either, a lot came late in the 3rd during that desperation push. A small light of hope in our still questionable defense.
  6. Jimmy Howard needs Christmas cards from all of us.
  7. Holy Howard we held the lead and won
  8. Empty Net please...
  9. Well, i'm confident holding this one goal lead, being outplayed all game in the dying minutes of the 3rd.
  10. 5 on 3 for a minute and a half.. Must. Score.
  11. PP Seal it up here boys, win it for Jimmy
  12. Entertaining 3rd
  13. Seems like Zibanejad has played every shift tonight, he's been on the screen more than Crosby during an NBC game.
  14. And here comes everyone's favorite period.. SCOOORRREEE!!
  15. I'm not opposed to banning someone for a terrible post like this.