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  1. Holy Howard we held the lead and won
  2. Empty Net please...
  3. Well, i'm confident holding this one goal lead, being outplayed all game in the dying minutes of the 3rd.
  4. 5 on 3 for a minute and a half.. Must. Score.
  5. PP Seal it up here boys, win it for Jimmy
  6. Entertaining 3rd
  7. Seems like Zibanejad has played every shift tonight, he's been on the screen more than Crosby during an NBC game.
  8. And here comes everyone's favorite period.. SCOOORRREEE!!
  9. I'm not opposed to banning someone for a terrible post like this.
  10. J. F. H. The Ranger slayer.
  11. Hold on, I gotta sneeze. Ah AHH AHHH-TROUBA. Just saying..
  12. This should not be a tie game. Jimmy is stealing one for us tonight.
  13. Good clock burning out of Helm Worst case Ontario.. 5 on 3. Kill it boys.
  14. We are gonna set an NHL record for single season too many men minors.
  15. Vanek, thank you so much.