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  1. As good as he needed to be, nothing tremendous but it wasn't needed. Dropped 2 kinda fast after a 3 goal lead but damage control took over and we were fine.
  2. They continue to shock and impress me, we held the lead in the 3rd, no meltdowns, another win. It's good to be a Wings fan early in the season.
  3. Larkin singing Queen on the bench, lol.
  4. Give Nielsen time, he will come around and start producing also. He really is a skilled player and hasn't shown it too much so far. Once he comes into his own a bit, he will help out whatever line he's playing on. There's some good potential out there right now, Sproul has been a surprise also.
  5. That's why we need Ott every night, protect our guys and fearlessly punch whoever wants to throw those cheap shots in the face.
  6. Assist for Otter
  7. AA!!
  8. Heck of an effort from Helm
  9. 2 minutes for Red Winging
  10. Ugh, let's not make it one of these nights. Don't sleep on the lead.
  11. Oh Ott, what a stellar deke lol.
  12. Vanek in, Sheahan out. I can live with that.
  13. Just got home from work, decent start, eh?
  14. I wonder if Abby got the wrong end of Chris Neil's fist. He looked a bit dazed after taking a couple of pops from him. He's one of the biggest bruisers in the league. Canes on paper look rough, Stempniak on the top line is gross. Ward's numbers aren't much better. I'm confident in a good 4-1 or 5-1 W tonight. Keep an eye on Aho, I think that kid is gonna be good in the long run.