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  1. Nazis using Wings logo

    This is news, but kind of balancing on the line of politics and current events also, which we don't discuss on these forums per site rules. Just to keep things civil, i'm going to lock this, as it seems there isn't much of a discussion going on regardless. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Athanasiou Rumor

    If AA isn't on this team at the start of the season, i'm going to lose my mind. I am a fan of the NFL and MLB also, have been since I was a kid, and as a fan of pro sports I have never been as infuriated with my team in general as I am with the current state of the Wings. We can't build on anything if we are letting young, talented players like this walk. It must be about the kids right now, and developing back to a respectable team, and it isn't at all. I'm gonna go throw a chair now.
  3. Howard 2017 Starting Netminder

    Going forward, refrain from insulting and personally attacking other members. Have your opinion, that's fine. Opinions will conflict, that's fine also. Forums would be boring if everyone agreed with everyone. Tone it down and keep it in line, thank you.
  4. Howard 2017 Starting Netminder

    Report - Jimmy Howard will be the starting goalie next season, they would like him to start 50-55 games if healthy. He was easily the better of the two last season, I think he's earned his spot. It's make it or break it time for Mrazek, prove me wrong and be the goalie we need you to be Petr. They also stated that Las Vegas "Was not at all interested" in Mrazek which may reflect on his overall value.
  5. Not really. He's a 4th - 5th defender on most teams and could be a top pairing on this one. I think that about sums up the state of our defense post-Lidstrom/Rafalski era. I'm not a big fan of the guy to begin with, and stated elsewhere that we really need to just stay put and develop youth and not make signings like this one.
  6. I don't hate it just because I remember how bad our D got last season after injuries, and it's not fun watching your squad embarrass themselves night after night while our goalie gets peppered with shots from open players. At the very least, Daley is a serviceable defender who gives us one more somewhat reliable player on the back end.
  7. Please don't post in all caps like a kid that just caught his first Pikachu in Pokemon Go. I don't see much use for Daley outside of veteran leadership and helping us possibly squeak into a last place playoff seed for a first round elimination. Maybe they are in the mindset of at least making playoffs again temporarily for the sake of the new arena. I hate to be bitter like this, but it's just how I honestly feel right now. We need to focus on youth and development, see what we have and who will be in the roster long term.
  8. 2017 Draft

    Just got in from work, wtf first pick...? I don't really know what to think anymore.
  9. 2017 Draft

    Pinning this for the draft.
  10. Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    They are stacking up on D aren't they? It seems like they have more defense than forwards.
  11. Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    Stripper dancing penguins is where I draw the line. I might turn this off.
  12. Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    Emelin is a D i'd like to see play here.
  13. Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    Crosby looks awfully small inbetween that woman and Anderson
  14. Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    Apparently the guy who's hosting is dating her.
  15. Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    So Fleury, Pickard, Berube isn't a bad trio.