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  1. Jan Mursak/ Merged

    he got a hattrick and an assist for 4 points in a game a week ago and now has 23 pts in 13 games.
  2. Justin Abdelkader

    latendresse will be a first line player where as abdelkader may not make the wings. but you cant say that a guy is a bad pick just because he was taken before someone who is better. montreal has a better look at him too being in quebec.
  3. Jakub Kindl

    the reason for his point totals being low are because of the loss of offense on the team. mcgrath, lashoff, vlabik, and kanko are all gone i believe. i watched the game against sarnia which the rangers lost 5-4 and he looked really good moving the puck.
  4. Daniel Larsson

    hes a goaltender, upperbody muscle is not that big of an issue. im sure hell be working out but nothing, an i mean nothing at all to get worried about. goalies dont look like players. they are about quikness and stamina, and bulgy muscles could hinder their reflexes. as long as he is strong on the puck hell be fine.
  5. Jan Mursak/ Merged

    1 goal, 8 assists in 7 games for mursak. not too bad for a guys first taste of the CHL.
  6. Cory Emmerton

    Didn't see a thread on him so I thought I would start one. I really lkike his game and have seen him live once and he absolutely dominated. When I found out he was eligible for the draft this past season I was surprised because how good he was, so i was very happy when i heard he was on the wings. he will be on the wings in a couple of years and his size wont be an issue in the new nhl. He opened the ohl season this year with 2 goals, 3 assist game and followed it up with a 2 goal, 1 assist game. http://www.kingstonfrontenacs.com/news/200...22emmerton.html this is a little read on him. not that informative.