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  2. I'll say can't win if you don't score, you can't score if you aren't getting shots, and you can't get shots if you don't have the puck. 14 3rd period goals so far out of 22 this playoffs...this is one of the more embarassing pperformances in recent memory. Lets forget this game and move on to game 2.
  3. I'll say this before I go to bed. I don't write often but trying to be more vocal on here lately, but i am on here reading it everyday. Anyways regarding the game...We didnt play our best hockey but give kudos to the ducks they defended home ice. Now it's our turn to defend home ice on Friday. I'll be coming to the game from Toronto with a few buddies, and I hope to see the Joe rockin and us giving the team all the support we can. We have a very bright future regardless of what happens this series. We had our chances today, obviously difference maker being that 5 min PP, if you want to call it a PP. On the last goal, anderson needs to tie his man up. Also, maybe just me, but i wasnt impressed with lashoff again. Too many mistakes etc. I would like to see Carlo out there game 6 in Lashoffs spot. I also Think Abby needs to be back in the lineup, and despite sammys coring we need him out and keep bert in. Bert and Nyquist have ben lookin great. Unsure if you want to break lines up but if not this year then next year nyquist needs to be a top 6 forward. Let's stay calm, keep faith, and be loud on Friday and help propell the wings to a win and force game 7. This year is a learning curve with all the young players, we need patience. I think we can pull it off Friday and game 7 anything can happen. We need to play like we did game 4 not game 5. Night boys and girls. Cheers!
  4. Anyone in the GTA going to either home playoff game?

    lol where u live, southern ontario?? im in Hamilton..its tough cuz its all leaf fans here and few wing fan friends i have arent able to make it and everyone else wants to watch toronto lol
  5. anyways good night folks, overall we have lots of positives to take from this game. take away 10 mins or so of the 3rd period when we napped we played great hockey until then. We got the split we needed. Glad I stayed up. Ppl keep saying realistically no body believes theyll make it to the cup. I think thats bs. Always have faith. I think this team can do it, we have a good mix of young and old players. We need Jimmy to play better though at times like in tns 3rd period. See u all Saturday! GO WINGS GO WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  6. NYQUIST!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Wings u gave me a f***en heart attack blowing a 3-0 and 4-1 leads, but we win in overtime, going back to detrtoit 1-1. WO WO WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!1 yelled so loud so many times hope id dint wake everyone up!! HAHAHAHA so pumped up i dont think i can go to bed, thank you gustav nyquist thank you!!! BAHAHAHA so happy WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!!!FAITH PPL FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care if we blow a fkn 10-0 lead, a win is a win. nothign wrong with fighting adversity boys!! back home tied at 1. i like it!!!!!!!!!
  7. unbelievable. Been reading it all period and I have to post, need to vent as i'm sitting here while everyone else in bed and this is my way of getting my frustration out. What the hell was this 3rd period??? blowing a 4-1 lead? I don't get it, yes the Ducks opened up and played well that period, but dont sit back and just play damn defence. we were winning based on skating, using our speed, and forechecking. 3rd period we did none of that. you CAN'T take your foot off of the damn pedal in the playoffs or any game for that matter! Damn it guys. Live and learn dont just sit back on a lead, keep doing what got you the lead! Plz ohz plz win. Plz score on the PP, cant give them momentum by killing it off. howard looks like hes fighting off every shot. Not good. Datsyuk had a wide open net had he got it off the ground. ugh.
  8. Anyone in the GTA going to either home playoff game?

    ive been down there before for wings and lions games, tickets are eay to find, found lots of tickets for saturdays game for $40 lol
  9. Anyone in the GTA going to either home playoff game?

    true guess u americans dont know what GTA means, Greater Toronto Area lol. And its not about taking a train, its about finding wings fans in the toronto area who would want to go down, not going myself lol.
  10. Hey guys! I know this is a random topic, but my names adam, im a 26 year old wings fan in Hamilton ontario 40 mins before Toronto. I doubt it, but is there anyone on here from the area that plans on going to the game sat night or monday night? Or anyone know of any buses going down? I found a mega bus one last year but cant find any currently. All my friends and family are leaf or hab fans, and the few wing fans I know cant make it. I doubt it but if there is anyone that would be great thanks! If not hd tv works lol. go wings go.
  11. WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

    Very disappointing finish, but kudos to the team for coming back in the series, and only losing by 1 goal with franzen cleary and bertuzzi out. I believe a healthier team could have beaten SJ but oh well...Our PP was horrific...2 shots on 4 pp attempts? we had our chance at the end....Datsyuk and Z played strong again..though I am baffled wtf Babcock was thinking...why dress hudler he's a bum I rathe Modano...and lastly why have your TWO BEST players in dats and Z on the bench in the last 30? sure theyre tired but a tired Z and dats ar ebetter then huds and abs out there in the final 30 seconds of your season? Horrible horrible choice...plz get rid of ericsoon and hudler by next year, and rafalski pplz retire..lidstrom plz come back...Howard I have 100% faith in you next year and you have proven that you can be a star goaltender in the playoffs...All in all it was a good season, disappointing finish, but hopefully we can advance further next year..for now f*** sj and vancouver but i rather see Van win, but im a TB fan now for the rest of the playoffs..1 last GO WINGS GO!!!
  12. Mike Modano Time

    I seen the same thing, and I scratched my head on the thought of Huder back in the lineup..I much rather Miller over hudler but im happy to see Modano in there...Unless he's taking Abs out??? Ahhh Just keep the same damn lineup screw Hudler
  13. WCSF Game 6 GDT: Sharks 1 at Red Wings 3!/TSNBobMcKenzie He reports that Ryan Clowe didn't make it to Detroit...I'm assuming it's due to the hit from Kronwall..he said he wanted to get face to face with him so he got what he was asking for...This will be a huge blow to San Jose as he leads all players in scoring with 13 and has 6 assists in this series alone against us...Also on there it states Franzen is officially out, and Modano is in...Can't wait for tonight! GO WINGS GO!!!
  14. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 3

    THREE UNANSWERED THIRD PERIOD GOALS FORCE A GAME SIX! RED WINGS 4, SAN JOSE 3. Oh, we're half way there Oh oh, livin' on a prayer. Take my hand, we'll make it I swear Oh oh, livin' on a prayer
  15. WCSF Game 5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Sharks 3

    Dear Detroit Red Wings, I apologize sincerely for doubting you when down 3-1 in the 3rd period tonight. I vow to never doubt again, and to always believe....Datsyuk you are truly amazing...Howard thankyou for keeping us in the game...Ericsson you're still a bum but thank you for scoring the game tying goal...Babs congrats on realizing who your best lines were and playing them more, and thank you for sitting mule, hopefully he's sitting game 6..we now have a series...Now I can go to bed happy...GO WINGS GO Sincerely, me