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  1. Palemoonlight

  2. Since we have Gordie Howe Hat tricks

    Hudler: 1. Get destroyed by opposing player's hit. 2. Use insane hand-eye co-ordination to score goal. 3. Enjoy remaining 7:15 of ice time.
  3. Wings agree to 1-year deal with Chelios

    I would rather lose Cheli than Lebda, Lilja, Meech or Quincy. He was brutal during the Dallas series. He's lost more than a step, and he's hardly physical. I doubt he'll crack the top six, even with a trade.
  4. Behold the power of Malsby, Penguins megastar!

    Dallas: Winchester + Conner = Chestonner (as in, look at the...)
  5. Emmerton Impresses

    From the Windsor Star: Sounds like Nill really likes the kid.
  6. Round 1: Wings vs. Predators

    Nashville has played 82 games, chicago can't catch them, and they can't move up out of 8th.
  7. The Mustache of George Parros(Ducks)

    I think if it goes there will be trouble. On the other hand if it stays there could be double.
  8. Best Hockey Fight Ending...Ever

    Niedermayer, you so crazy!
  9. Reports: 2nd outdoor game in the works

    The game would be sweet. But please, play Osgood. We don't need Hasek's groin exposed to the elements.
  10. Robert Lang to the Hawks

    Didn't Lang rip on Williams, saying something like "he didn't want to do too much." after the Calder trade? Ooooh! Locker room friction in the Windy City.
  11. New Spam-Prevention Initiative

    Posted, done.
  12. Some of our top moments from 2007 playoffs

    Maybe these cities that want to take the Hockeytown label should actually win something first. Anyway, my top moment? A tie between Cleary's hit on Phaneuf and his penalty shot goal.
  13. Smyth happy with Isles

    Considering what they gave up to get him, I think they'll do whatever it takes to keep him (6mil for 5 years?).
  14. AHL heading to Windsor

    Windsor is a good OHL town, but I doubt the AHL would succeed there. Keep in mind Windsor's economy is taking more hits than Lilja's reputation is on these boards. Check out Bob Duff's article, if so inclined.