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  1. GDT

    What an end to the game! I went from swearing to cheering! Gotta love this team!
  2. GDT

    Lets get a streak going!
  3. Great hit, and gave the Sharks a boost. ..I still miss him. But hey, we still got Kronwall!
  4. GDT

    Wings win 3-1. Goals by Datsyuk x2 and Brunner!
  5. GDT

    This looks great!
  6. Wow.. Lots of great names there. Really miss (some of) those guys! Thanx for sharing
  7. Looking to improve my spot as nr 15 last time around. My picks are in!
  8. ..umm..yes. If its not my birthday But yes. The other day I got a little gift (ceramic angel-wings or something) from a co-worker, for no special reason. I went out and got her a bottle of wine in return. TPBM could use some new slippers, because the floor is coooold
  9. Yes, and I just started on book 1 of 7. Norwegian crime The person below me think he/she is getting old.
  10. ...should be free..
  11. Lots of great memories!
  12. BAH! puckloo beat me to it I wrote: As in posts in this forum? Nah.. I had problems with the "View New Content"-list yesterday, but seems to be sorted now. Guess my Google Chrome was in Lockout-mode The person below me needs a new perfume. But I can answer loo! YES! I got a Wings t-shirt on Again: The person below me needs a new perfume.
  13. I dont see who else it should be. Congrats, Z! Well deserved!