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  1. Red Wings first tough guy invite to camp...

    At least O.S. got out of the first round, eh?
  2. Red Wings first tough guy invite to camp...

    I saw him twice this season here in Plymouth; he's the type of guy you hate playing against but on your team you'd love him. He was benched coming down the stretch for the playoffs but when you have the skill Owen Sound had sitting him didn't hurt them.
  3. Kitchener Rangers

    I won't be cheering for them against my hometown Whalers. But I'll closely watch McGrath and Kindl.
  4. Where's Evan McGrath?

    This season coming up in Kitchener could be huge for McGrath, with Richards signing his contract with Philly. A real test to see what McGrath is made of; I'm looking forward to it. Just don't take it out on my Whalers.
  5. 2003 Draft Picks

    That's an interesting point... I wonder if the "Comrie Loophole" would change under the new CBA. Regardless... the Grand Rapids Press has stated that the Wings are planning on signing him during the window. That's strange. I thought I heard Howard was going to stay in Maine one more year. Wouldn't signing with the Wings preclude that? Yep, signing a pro contract would make him ineligible for the NCAA. From what I've read he's planning on going back to Maine but is interested in what Detroit offers.
  6. Plymouth Whalers games?

    Great hockey! I've been attending games since the 98/99 season.