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  1. Doctor G

  2. Fighting, Keep it or leave it?

    Keep it!! It has been a great part of the game for many years and it will always be one of the most exciting parts of the game. Even though the Red Wings do not fight much, I still enjoy a good bout.
  3. The Fight Thread

    I wasn't saying Peters was in Crowder class, but Peters was showing great potential as a heavyweight. Then this year he failed terribly at it. Now with Crowder, he had 1 very good & 2 poor seasons with the Devils. He looked like he was going to be a great heavy. He then went to the Wings and had a poor year with of course hurting his back. Then he was out of hockey a while. He came back ans had a couple ok seasons, but he was never the same. Peters has had 1 good season and several ok seasons. Yes Peters wasn't hurt, he just didn't turn out to be the fighter we all hoped. That is were he compares to Crowder.
  4. The Fight Thread

    Peters was a very big disappointment and I also have to throw in McGratton. Both of these guys fell off greatly. A little reminiscent of Troy Crowder back in the day when he was about to be the man. Of course Crowder gave up cocaine and hurt his back with the Wings.
  5. Which Team Has The Best Fans

    This is very true; I have been to 2 games in Toronto. One at old Maple Leaf Gardens & the other at Air Canada Center. Their fans are great, I would put them at NO# 2 on the list. I agree with Montreal at NO# 1, it is such a great city and a fantastic place to watch a game. The atmosphere is so different and their fans are great to talk to. I recommend anyone go there to watch a game, you will have a great time.
  6. Kopecky Haters

    I don't think Kopecky is the only one on the Wings that get cheap shots. Other teams still believe if you play rough and tough, the Wings will fold. The Wings are made up of mostly Europeans and rightly or wrongly a lot of teams believe this is the way to play them. As we get closer to the playoffs we will see a lot more of this physical play against the Wings. Side Note: OsGod your Avatar is so disturbing on many levels. You see a sexy body in a french maid outfit and get just blasted by that God awful face. I might be blinded for a few days, but I will recover. You hace a wicked sence of humor and it was very funny.
  7. Reminder: Posting Etiquette

    I have always believed, you make your point better when not swearing. Anyone can swear, thats easy. But we come across better to our fellow posters in disagreements, when we refrain from swearing. I will get off my high horse now.
  8. Outdoor Game at Wrigley Field?

    They tried to come to terms with a deal, but couldn't. Now some in the Blackhawk front office use to work for the Cubs front office, so they are trying to set up something at Wrigley. It would be great if the Wings were a part of this, 2 original 6 teams going at it at a famed stadium such as Wrigley. I would buy tickets in a heart beat.
  9. Holland On The Move?

    I think you guys are missing some things here. It is a great compliment to the Wings organization to have 3 of your people to be considered for running a team such as the Leafs. If by chance the ownership leaves you alone and you can turn that team around! WOW you would be King of the hockey world. Now if Cliff Fletcher is smart the one he should target is Jim Nill. He has great hockey knowledge, he has had some great teachers, he would be easier to get than Ken Holland or Stevie Y and he is a lot younger than Scotty. It will be interesting to see what happens with that soap-opera they call the Maple Leafs.
  10. Downey vs. Fedoruk

    Very true GMR, but guys like that do exist in this league anymore. Dave Brown was asked why he did not throw as many punches as some of his combatants, he said he didn't want to waste any energy on a uselessly punch, he was looking for the best way to hurt someone. Philly had some of the nastiest people to ever come into the league, they have had that mentality since they began in the NHL. Thanks to Youtube GMR you can revisit a yesteryear gone buy. We are in a kinder, gentler NHL now.
  11. Have the Wings ever played in black?

    Opie, the practice jersey is pretty nice, I like it. Maybe not for a regular game, but pretty good for practice and for a fan to wear it.
  12. Grigorenko recalled from Grand Rapids

    Yes he deserves the respect of even getting a chance to play at this level. To even to be alive shows the man has a great will and strength. But I believe these injuries are to hard to overcome to play at an elite level. He has shown good hands, but his first step is to slow. Now I believe his top speed is good enough, but getting there takes to long. But I hope I will be proven wrong and he becomes an solid NHL player. The Red Wings are doing the right thing and give this man a chance to prove he belongs here. I do not blame him wanting to go back home and make a great living for his family. Igor knows better than anyone else that an athlete's playing career is fleeting. Why should he play in the minor league in a foreign land? I also say good luck Igor, may he have a long successful career.
  13. Odd post, interesting question though. The answer for Chelios is no, he wouldn't do that. Very few refs would want to be involved in that type of mess and most do not want to lose their job. The only thing that comes close is a ref and player getting into a verbal altercation. The one ref who would give it was Paul Stewart and he was very colorful in a lot of his responses. Being a former player he would not take much BS. There were a few linesmen that would be very aggressive in stopping fights. But most of these guys have retired and have been replaced by robots. So if you are really looking for an answer it would probably have to of happen way back in history, an amateur game or over in Europe.
  14. Chelios Versus Bettman

    There is a fine line to walk if you are a Union President. Yes you shouldn't be an obstructionist and you want to keep negotiations flowing smoothly. But under no circumstance do you have that type of an exchange between the PA director and the NHL commissioner or one of his deputies. This sounds very underhanded and their relationship a little too friendly. This might be the start of some very disturbing information coming out about the leadership in the PA. Now to be honest I do not blame Bettman for this, yes his e-mail was in very poor judgment. But it sounds like he found a pasty in Saskin and he manipulated the situation. His job is to make the owners very successful and he is the type to take advantage of every situation. The Director of the PA has to have the players' best interests and make sure there is a free market. If I was a player I much rather have Bob Goodenow then Ted Saskin leading the union. These two men are polar opposites, hopefully the new union chief will be somewhere in the middle.
  15. The Fight Thread

    You gotta love the Harry Neale's quote in that clip " I watched Kovalchuk shadow box and the shadow won everytime." The Buffalo announcers are always entertanning, I do not get to hear them much though. The play-by-play guy always calls a great game.