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  1. Literally stopped reading.
  2. I approve this message.
  3. Rotator cuff injury since last season almost made him miss the world championships -
  4. Sounds like a little poisoning of the well.. Yeah, I think I have trade value. Oh, bee tee dubs, my shoulder hurts and makes it hard to - ya know - play hockey and whatnot. (guess I'll just chill here in Motown)
  5. 1.) This will be a tough season to watch at times. 2.) This will be a tough season to watch at times. 3.) This will be a tough season to watch at times.
  6. FireCaptain

  7. TIL: There's a 'waiver fee'??
  8. LG(pre-season)W!
  9. Does it come with a built in clipboard for counting faceoffs from the bench? (I like Jimmy, but figured I had a good little joke there.)
  10. The Golden Brett, anyone??
  11. On NHL Radio on SiriusXM this morning, Bill Daly stated that the league is starting about a week late - 10/12/16 instead of their normal time that they would have liked - 10/5/16. So, it sould like a full camp and preseason, just starting a week late and condensing that week's games into the regular season (read: more back-to-backs, I guess).
  12. What's the puppy dog looking thing on the back left and back right?
  13. *pithy remark here* Kind of a jerk move this close to the pre-season and after other teams have hired all the good free agent coaches.. Wait.. what do I care? Hope the Avs come in at the bottom of the West!! P.S. We could use some of your Dmen on a fire sale..