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  1. Literally stopped reading.
  2. I approve this message.
  3. Rotator cuff injury since last season almost made him miss the world championships -
  4. Sounds like a little poisoning of the well.. Yeah, I think I have trade value. Oh, bee tee dubs, my shoulder hurts and makes it hard to - ya know - play hockey and whatnot. (guess I'll just chill here in Motown)
  5. 1.) This will be a tough season to watch at times. 2.) This will be a tough season to watch at times. 3.) This will be a tough season to watch at times.
  6. FireCaptain

  7. TIL: There's a 'waiver fee'??
  8. LG(pre-season)W!
  9. Does it come with a built in clipboard for counting faceoffs from the bench? (I like Jimmy, but figured I had a good little joke there.)
  10. The Golden Brett, anyone??
  11. On NHL Radio on SiriusXM this morning, Bill Daly stated that the league is starting about a week late - 10/12/16 instead of their normal time that they would have liked - 10/5/16. So, it sould like a full camp and preseason, just starting a week late and condensing that week's games into the regular season (read: more back-to-backs, I guess).
  12. What's the puppy dog looking thing on the back left and back right?
  13. *pithy remark here* Kind of a jerk move this close to the pre-season and after other teams have hired all the good free agent coaches.. Wait.. what do I care? Hope the Avs come in at the bottom of the West!! P.S. We could use some of your Dmen on a fire sale..
  14. So, you want a guy who is in his second year to center the top line? The same guy that had a rough time in the tail end of his first season? You know, the guy who was in the Calder discussion until he fell off the map due to the longer grind of an NHL schedule? That guy?