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  1. I think he has a point about not many other players scoring, but I don't think that is going to cost us this series or the next (God willing). Nor did it cost us the last game IMO. His little blurb is more of an obvious statement than anything. And I don't see any eggs cracking, however little there may be in our basket....
  2. PS

    Haha! I came back just to see these. I've noticed that everyone has been working on their Photoshop skills this past year. Amazing everyone!!!
  3. That was a good eye by McCreary...I totally thought that was in.
  4. Just got word that OsGOD, Offsides, wingnut22, and rwfan007 will be behind Keating during the pregame show!! Look for them (if you know who they are) I told them to wave to us! Yay! Go Wings!!!!
  5. Ok...It's been a long while so I thought I'd post some pics Me in front of my tiny tree with curly hair Straight haired and sassy...
  6. Absolutely genius.
  7. Happy Birthday Ozzie!!!! 35...Wow...You don't look a day over 20
  8. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Nice come back boys!!!!
  9. Good God! Is Leclaire really that fugly?!?! That picture looks like one of those "If they mated" things like Conan O'Brien does... Anyway... Yay! Go Wings!!!!
  10. John Keating in all his glory...
  11. I was at the Joe for the CCHA finals for pep band. The people in charge at the Joe put us in one of the corners, which so happen to be the one John was pregaming in. Him and my director got into it about us playing too loud and playing our fight song in support of our hockey team. There aren't many places to stick a band in the arena. However, John could have gone anywhere. While his stupid jokes make me laugh in Red Wing pregames, he isn't very nice in person...
  12. I thought you said he was playing hockey and I was like....Aren't they all?
  13. That person that won't stop talking about herself
  14. Wings are in white because the BJs wore theirs at their last game and didn't want to bring two sets....Swear to God.....That's what they said.