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  1. can't wait for a wings sharks series if there will be one this year. that is all
  2. I really hope that the sharks squash this red wings team but I can't see that happening. Wings win a shoot out after 4 rounds. I know you will say goalies are bad and they are tired, but I think they have too much pride to roll over, just my opinion.
  4. If any team can win a game 6 elimination game when everything is on the line it is the red wings, unfortunatly. I hope the ducks do it tonight but not suprised if wings take this one, and if wings win tonight wings wont lose in game 7.
  5. You guys stole (well owned lol) one in their barn and reclaimed home ice for that you should be happy as much as I want the red wings to lose, I think they (wings) take this series in 6.
  6. Lidstrom is winning that s*** hands down. DIRTY DIRTY HIT by pronger. I can't say im suprised im glad holmstrom is ok.
  7. YESSSSS!!! 5-3 w00t MAKE EM PAY
  9. ahh dont worry your team will be joining them soon. AND YES i'm bitter.
  10. it's you're ** gg nt though
  11. GO DUCKS GO!! 7-2 Ducks, it's not close.
  12. congrats wings fans! Live it up now because in a few years your team will be s***.
  13. me I own it, congrats wings fans I'm very disappointed but clearly the red wings are the better team. Certainly NOT overrated and own the top spot in the western conference for a reason. I will say this though, the sharks are not going anywhere and will be good for a long long time. You will face the wrath of san jose in the very near future and I will love it ;P. Anyways Grats gents! Can't wait for next year! Lidstrom, Chelios > All SJ D Erhoff and Carle are weak links with SJ hopefully they get better defensively.
  14. the sharks will too "give them nothing, and take from them everything" Sharks are in game 7 mode I believe!