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  1. Good Luck Wings.

    Looking forward to Wednesday. Regardless of the officiating which has been pretty retarded going both ways, which has frankly confused both teams as to what is and isn't allowed, I've seen hawks manhandling wings and vice versa, then some bulls*** gets called that's like you allowed that earlier wtf, but whatever. A 7 game series is the only way the hawks and wings should go out of sharing a division and rivalry for so many years. From my perspective no matter what happens this was an entertaining series to say the least, every game has had my adrenaline pumping and the F- Bombs dropping. I hope they put the whistles away and allow for a classic no holds barred contest in game 7.
  2. Good luck Wings fans (kinda). Hope this playoff series is one for the history books. Man I havent signed into this site since the 06/07 season.
  3. Russia vs. Canada

    I dont think the game would have been 7-3 canada if they would have friggin pulled nabakov after the 3rd goal, I still dont think they would have won, but they would have looked less pathetic.
  4. Eaves vs. Versteeg

    he was already resigned to a 3 year deal in 09.
  5. 1/17 GDT: Blackawks 4 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

    I doubt it. I post over here and on the blues forum (for a few years) as well and I am a hawks fan. I doubt they banned you at the blues forum for no reason whatsoever. They have always been pleasant and fair to me.
  6. Eaves vs. Versteeg

    I agree, most likely a draw. This is exactly what I want to see. So many "enforcer" lovers love enforcer fights. There is no heart and soul there, its almost staged. Now when two players like this go at it, makes for a very entertaining fight.
  7. Territorial Teams

    An entire talent pool is being completely eliminated by doing this. Also, what wouldnt the rules for residency be? Say some great players were playing in Maine could they just "move" to Mass. and play for Boston? Or what about states with multiple teams i.e. New York (Buffalo, NYI, NYR), who gets who? if they have to share then their talent pool gets severely thinned. The competition just wouldnt work, you would have some teams that had no business even being in the league, while some would look like allstar teams by comparrison.
  8. Blackhawks vs The Blues

    he tried to, because he was mad he got owned so bad, sopel just hugged him, he wanted him to feel the love.
  9. Tomas Kopecky

    He rang one off the post too, almost had that hat trick, might have made up for his pathetic play on most nights.
  10. Blackhawks vs The Blues

    Yeah STL definitely tried to goon it up tonight. Didnt work, hawks still out hit them. Sopel Owned Cam Janssen. Janssen Came at him blatantly going for the head shot, Sopel Brazilian Jujistued him over his back then crosschecked the hell out of him. How about tkachuk, talk about sacrificing your body. Good lord that had to hurt, at least he got a goal out of it. Took a slapshot to the face that deflected into the net behind Huet.
  11. Team USA @ Vancouver 2010

    The first thing I thought when I saw this team, is could we please have access to any canadian leftovers that have dual citizenship. Seriously, you could probably put together a better team out of players left off the canadian roster. But you never know, there may be some unseen chemistry that just clicks for this team that doesnt with our competition. All that matters is clicking when it counts, bad teams beat good teams on the NHL landscape in single meetings all the time. If our goaltending is hot I think thats all it will take. i really dont see this team having a big problem producing offense, the problem I see is will our offense be able to keep pace with our opponents. if Miller is insane in this tourney, I can see us competing.
  12. 12/23 GDT: Blackhawks 3 at Red Wings 0

    I almost stopped trying to analyze it since I was close to throwing my TV out the window during that game. Make no mistake this has been a common theme with the hawks this season....tons of scoring opportunities with no goals to show for it. Weve played more than a few games the scores were closer than they should have been given the opportunities weve had. I dont know what they can do to fix it aside from making better shooting decisions.
  13. In all fairness to fans the world over, what constitutes bad fans as a whole? because some individuals had a bad experience with other individuals at the oppositions barn? I lived in St. Louis for 3 years and attended a good chunk of the hawks/blues games. I had a few run ins with people heckling me and in one instance (after a blues loss) a guy passing by me just drove his shoulder into me. On the other hand some of the blues fans I sat next to would talk hockey with me throughout the game and were very personable. I could have ignored the latter and said St. Louis has horrible fans(as i would get harrassed around the building in every single game I attended), the fact of the matter is there are plenty of individuals rooting for every team in sports that are piles of dog s***. Take the trolls that came over here to rub in a loss, on the same token, there are plenty of detroit trolls that show up to the hawk board (or any given team we play for that matter, I perused the hawk board yesterday night and it was rife with shark trolls) Thats part of the reason I dont post on that board, and post on a fan run board. People tend to judge based on their experience with a few individuals, and assume everyone must be just like them, the fact of the matter is we as fans arent that much different, there are bad and good apples in every group. and yes, some idiots do chant detroit sucks at games with other teams. I was at the hawks bruins game last friday, and right before puck drop a guy ahead of me yelled detroit sucks, I wanted to dump my beer on his head. Personally though I dont see what the issue with the chant is if were are playing detroit, I would take it as a compliment, as I think most fans are sick of detroit being a cup favorite if not the cup favorite every goddamn season.
  14. 12/20 GDT: Red Wings 0 at Blackhawks 3

    Since i know there are those that are frothing at the mouth to do so, I am going to apologize in advance for the hawk fan trolls that no doubt will arrive before during and after the game. Don't think that behavior reflects upon all of us.
  15. Blackhawks vs. Oilers

    your join date. I mean i know its hard, but I assume you could have at least figured out how I came to that conclusion on your own.