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  1. What he's done so far this season including the playoffs does not warrant that contract. MAYBE a one year deal if he scores a couple more playoff goals. His talent is fading, and to tie up that much cash for a 4th line player is dumb in todays NHL. He was worthless this season. Holland is going to regret this one....................
  2. Yeah, thats real great.....maybe they can get him to play well for the Red Wings Alumni team when he sucks even worse next year. Bad Deal Kenny. Let the young guys play.
  3. You have got to be kidding me. This guy is on the downside of his career, and the re-sign him for THREE years? He should be released after the playoffs are over.
  4. Went to the CCHA playoff this weekend and the Whole arena smelled like little ceasars. I like Little Ceasars, but how long has it been like that? I don't remember it being that way a few years back.
  5. been looking for this jersey for awhile, can't find it, help!
  6. They need to do it. Now. Come on Holland, show some moxie!