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  1. Silky Johnson 13 this is for you... DATSYUK VID

    u still alive man?
  2. Silky Johnson 13 this is for you... DATSYUK VID

    where r u man?????????
  3. Silky Johnson 13 this is for you... DATSYUK VID

    Woops you guys meant the Video google site lol. video.google.com/nhl.html
  4. Silky Johnson 13 this is for you... DATSYUK VID

  5. Silky Johson 13 remember when you were saying you would actually check every minute of every game and find every great move Datsyuk makes and put it on one higlight reel to show the world what isnt shown in higlights?? Well heres your chance... I found a way to download the games from Video google and theres like 30 games from the 06-07 season... FULL GAMES! So we can make one!!! It takes a couple hours to download and then convert but its all worth it! You could select the 5-6 best games he played (I think as a diehard Pasha fan you would still have it in mind) and we'll go from there. Post back man! And anyone else who is interested in helping out or would like to see the higlight film.
  6. Top 10 Career Goals Alex Kovalev!

  7. Top 10 Career Goals Alex Kovalev!

    Here's a clip of the top 10 career goals by Alex Kovalev. It is missing some great goals but all in all its still special to watch! His stickhandling is just sick and his shot is devestating! Top 10 Alex Kovalev! ENJOY! http://youtube.com/watch?v=XtbZZEuYNUM
  8. Martin Brodeur Vs. Patrick Roy

    This quote really makes you look like you havent watched the games Hasek played in the late 90-s. Buffalo did not have good defense and did not limit shots to the outside. They gave up multiple scoring chances per game and Dom used to stop a lot of breakaways, 2 on 1-s per game. Thats why he was known as the best goalie on odd man rushes. Not because he would see one every 5 games like Brodeur. Hasek was by far the most dominant goalie of our lifetime in his prime and that has been said by many many hockey people.
  9. Martin Brodeur Vs. Patrick Roy

    Only because Broduer is on pace to playing like 80 games this year lol. He still faces like 26 shots per game. I remember a time where Hasek used to face 34-35 shots per game.
  10. Martin Brodeur Vs. Patrick Roy

    Hasek had one year where he had 13 SO. But SO dont mean jack since its also reflective of a team. If you face 15 shots you have much more chance of stopping all of em then if you face 40 shots.
  11. Martin Brodeur Vs. Patrick Roy

    No I am not. I really gotta run so I'll just say it quickly. Hasek: 6 Vezinas in 8 years Roy: Roy 3 in 18 Hasek: 2 Hart trophies (in a row) Roy: 0 Hasek: 2 Pearson Trophies (in a row) Roy: 0 Hasek lead the league in save % for 6 straight years and was tied for first once and was 2nd last year at age 41. Hasek holds the top 5 saving %-s of the WHOLE decade. (all with 0.930 and over which by the way other then Hasek has only been done 3 times) Roy's career season in save % (0.925) is only 0.001 higher then Hasek's career AVERAGE! Dont start talking about cups because that is a team accomplishment and so is wins.
  12. Alex Kovalev may retire...

    Yeah that was amazing. Its all in here. Most of the goals in here are with the canadiens these past 2 years so the skills are still there even if the production isnt what it used to be. Not only does he have great hands, hes probably also got one of the top 3 wrist shots in the game today. Great move.... TOP SHELF. Every time!
  13. Martin Brodeur Vs. Patrick Roy

    I think Roy was better then Brodeur but Hasek owns both.
  14. Alex Kovalev may retire...

    You think this is funny?