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  1. Cheers mate. Hope you guys can do well someday.
  2. Forget injuries. They just didn't want it bad enough. Didn't put in enough effort to win it. On to next season.
  3. Thanks for a great season Wings! Get them next year!
  4. You blew it Wings.
  5. I'm bricking it right now! Please score first Wings, Please!
  6. Chokejob...
  7. Silly me thinking the Wings would show up tonight. f*** this, f*** this team!
  8. LMFAO @ this performance.
  9. LMFAO @ this performance.
  10. They look shot out there. Can't see us winning the series now. Shame, would have loved to win the cup back-to-back again.
  11. Do something Hossa!! You're going to look like a moron if we don't win the Cup.
  12. They need to stop playing dumb or we're going to lose.
  13. 4-2 Wings.
  14. LMFAO @ the Cavs choke job!
  15. Wings in 6.