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  1. Lapointe just beat down Hollweg

    $2.4M next year too Cap Numbers
  2. Wings Willing to pay the price

    Accidently Retired is more like it. He said he wouldn't sign with anybody until he got what he was worth. He's still unsigned.
  3. To trade, or not to trade...

    Look at my shopping list above at post #56. I wouldn't have come up with it unless I thought each ane every one of those players was available at a price which makes both teams happy If something like that doesn't happen we will know that Kenny was shining us on (he still has to sell tickets). But I'm OK with that too, because I really don't want the Wings to expend ANY resources on ANYTHING. I wouldn't cry if there was a President's Day Massacre moving out all of our UFAs for picks and prospects.
  4. To trade, or not to trade...

    He could have optioned Lebda and Filpulla; and he could have risked Hudler and Kopecky to waivers. He could also have skipped the Norton signing. By doing these things he might have squeezed out Guerin type money and still had a little bit of safety room. Markov was signed two months after Shanny went away. It's the same money. Look at it this way. Would you rather have Jason Wooley or a gritty forward. Those are your choices.
  5. To trade, or not to trade...

    Absolutely My new shopping list (partial) Gratton (Chris) (not sure ... he's kinda up and down) Thornton (Scott) Sturm Roberts LaPerriere Nolan Scatchard Laraque Ricci (injured I think) Saprykin Torres Drake Pettinger Sutherby Zubrus etc.
  6. To trade, or not to trade...

    He signed Danny Markov ($2.5M) As of yesterday he has $1.8M cap room (that's before you subtract the salaries of Langfeld, Norton, Ellis, Liv Howard, and Hussey during their times with the club. You can add back about 1.2M for the Fischer salary offset. He's also in for up to $1.4M in bonuses for Chelios and Hasek. This is Money he couldn't use at the beginning of the year, but can now roll into next season if necessary. He couldn't have signed Markov and had anything left for Guerin ($2M + $400K bonus), or Nolan ($1.225M). Even if he squeezed every penny out of the cap and he signed Guerin or Nolan, he would have had NO CAP ROOM for the balance of the year. Holland Played It Right.
  7. Peter Forsberg

    Perhaps a Forsberg Shrine at Hart Plaza (where that steel donut is). Wings fans from the Mountain States could stage a yearly pilgrimage to the Forsberg Statue offering baskets of local produce such as Rocky Mountain Oysters as a tribute.
  8. Peter Forsberg

    I'd pay to put up a print on every billboard in colorado.
  9. Cory Emmerton

    Historically, more second rounders DO NOT make the NHL than do, altough there are several notable success stories. Second rounders are usually either a gamble, or a safe journeyman pick with flaws. Emmerton, Matthias and Abdelkader have already made significant strides in their development; so at this point they can be considered successful. Based upon his clear superiority as a skater, Abdelkader has more potential for a successful NHL career than Latty.
  10. Long Shot prospects

    Couple of things: 1. Russia never signed up to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) agreement with the NHL so our rights to those players are open-ended until they do (hence Agarkov) Stolyarov has had limited success this year so he is still of interest. Seluyanov never developed the way the Wings hoped (consistency - size/strength. Don't pay attention to stats - the scouts don't). 2. The IIHF agreement stipulates that for a player drafted lower than the 3rd round in the NHL draft; An NHL team bringing said player to North America will have to pay IN ADDITION TO THE NORMAL TRANSFER FEE $250,000 if that player doesn't play a minimum number of games (30???) in the NHL in his first year over here. The idea is to keep the NHL from stripping the Euro leagues of players. It means no Euro player will be imported 'just for a look'. You've got to feel real good about a player (like the DRW does about Jonathon Erickkson) to do that.
  11. Prospect Ranking Update

    Matt Wuest (RWC publisher) talks directly to Wings scouts. The article appeared at RWC the day before it was dated. There is some speculation among RWC posters (but not Matt) that the Freep 'lifted' its' material from RWC. All other DRW sites (especially HF) use material from RWC which is a never-ending source or irritation for them, because they pass it off as original work. Matt also writes on potential draftees for Hockey News.
  12. Tardif

    He's not under contract to the Wings. You'd think GR would have shown some interest somewhere along the line; But Iowa belongs to some other team. He's basically a free agent, and he's now giving someone else a free look. I liked what I saw of him, but maybe he reallt IS too slow.
  13. Nagy a Wing ?

    For $800,000.00 a year + bonuses. I don't think Feds will play for anything nearly that low, so it then becomes a case of 'what am I getting for what I am paying?' .
  14. Nagy a Wing ?

    Well, If you don't want Feds back, what about Mickey Redmond? He plays wing; The last time I saw him play he was fast and had an explosive slapshot. If anybody is concerned about his back, he's had a long time to rest it. If he isn't able to do it anymore, he can open a travel agency or something.