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    Hey wuz up? I've been a hockey fan as long as i can remember! I love sports especially Hockey, Soccer, and Volleyball, skateboarding and other rad sports. I live GRand Rapids these days...came here for school...I'm learning how to play the guitar woot woot...I love rock music and sum hip hop. I'm into fashion....Um my favorite hockey player I've ever met was Stefan Liv hes a really cool guy...Nick Kronwall wasnt bad either!!!

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  1. Hell yes I am!!! The person below me Is learning to play the Guitar
  2. A blurry pic of Tommy and I...we're prob laughing about something stupid haha
  3. Thanks, NO! I think it was like True Hollywood Story Heidi Klum or somthing!
  4. Whoooo!!! Meeee!!!
  5. Ive never seen a UFO at least I dont think I have The person below me has read both the book Twilight and seen the movie and loved every second of me haha
  6. Thats so fricken awsome me loves Hawthorne Heights they def helped me through my early high school years thats rad
  7. Ugg I really dont like root beer The person below me likes the band Tokio Hotel
  8. What Kolasau is playin yayay
  9. So I guess Sergei Kolasau isnt playin
  10. Aww thank u so much!
  11. woohoo finally some pics of me yayayayay I had a mohawk for awhile but it has grown out yayay it was a pain!
  12. Dang it this might take awhile!
  13. I'm just seening if this works [/img]