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  1. Who would you protect?

    With the confirmation of Las Vegas getting a team, that means an expansion draft will be occurring this time next season. The rules are as follows: "Players with two or fewer years of pro experience will be exempt. Players with no-movement clauses (not a less-restrictive no-trade clause) must be protected. Teams must expose at least two forwards and one defenseman who appear in 40 games this upcoming season or 70 total games in 2015-16 and 2016-17." (h/t: So, for example, the Wings wouldn't have to protect Larkin, but would have to protect Mantha. The teams can either protect: 7F, 3D, and 1G OR 8 Skaters (F or D) and 1 G. In the article above, Khan takes a crack at a guess for the roster as it sits now. Here is mine: Tatar Abby Mantha Athanasiou Nyquist Sheahan Glendenning Dekeyser Smith Marchenko (Oulette maybe here) Mrazek I'm unsure how the UFA thing will work, but if we have the same team then as we have now, who would you want to protect?
  2. Our penalty killers, WIIM article

    Analytics are like a lightpost to a drunk: Good for support, not for illumination.
  3. Cole to miss next 3 games

    Did anyone catch what happened to Cole? Curious whether it was a head injury or any kind of specifics on how he possibly got hurt. Thanks.
  4. Report: Red WIngs interested in Franson

    According to Pierre Lebrun, the Red Wings are one of the teams interested in the Leafs defenceman Cody Franson: Franson is a 27 year old impending free agent who is rumoured to be looking for 5+ per year in FA. He has 29 points this year, and is a -7 on an awful Leafs team. Oh, and he shoots right. The asking price is said to be a 2nd round pick and a young NHLer or good prospect. Thoughts on if he would be a good fit? If so, what would you like the Wings to package?
  5. Ridiculous SO goal by Athanasiou

    Check out this goal by Wings' prospect and current Barrie Colt Andreas Athanasiou. I don't know much about the kid, anyone have any idea how he projects?
  6. 3/6 GDT: Avs 3 at Red Wings 2 (OT) Sorry Nick.

    This link works for me:
  7. Saddledome Under Water

    Going to take the Flames a long time to empty out the Saddledome with only 1 cup... 1 ticket to Hell please. Window Seat. Thanks!
  8. Ode to the Red Wings

    Thanks everyone.
  9. Ode to the Red Wings

    A friend of mine sent me a text today with a bit of a poem regarding his team, the Flames. In response, I created this poem and figured you folks would enjoy it. Dear Red Wings, You hail from the Motor City. Hockeytown, they say. And I will always support you, Through every night and day. They call you the 'Winged Wheel'. Because around the ice, you fly. Following in the footsteps of the legends: Sawchuk, Howe and the greatest, Stevie Y. A franchise steeped in history, To which no team can compare Nothing like hockey night at the Joe, When octopi fill the air. You've led me to the championships and heartbreaks, well there's been more than one. But, of all the other teams in this league, Over you, I'd chose none. And you may be the greatest, And you may be the best. And there's no doubt in my mind, You're better than the rest. Yet I must endure a lot, to be a part of the league's greatest show, but no matter what happens, You'll hear me yelling "Go Wings Go!" But you still bring me sadness, And you still bring me tears. Hell, the first round of the playoffs Is one of my biggest fears. But I know you still want Stanley To that goal you'll remain true. And for that, and other reasons, I'll unconditionally love you.
  10. Rangers

    I agree it's an overpayment, and I also think players that are one-dimensional with regards to fighting don't belong in hockey. However, I think he is the best fighter in the game, and that people will pay to go see him play and get in a scrap. The Rangers are realistically in no position for a cup run, so signing him brings a different level of excitement to the waning Rangers faithful. An overpayment, for sure; Completely without merit, I don't think so.
  11. No Worries

    Even though we are down 2-0, I don't feel like the Wings are out of the series. With the exception of some ridiculous officiating in the first 2 games, an untimely stick break, and some unlucky bounces, I believe the Wings have been the better team. Nabokov has looked average at best and Pavelski is the only Shark doing anything. Once we get back to the Joe, and the Wings win game 3, I think we'll start rolling from there. We've faced some serious adversity the first 2 games (Setoguchi diving, Refs being foolish) yet the Wings have nearly pulled off the win in each game. We're far from done here folks, it'll be a different story come Tuesday night. Go Wings!
  12. NHL adding new award

    I would think it'd be the exact opposite, especially in the salary cap NHL. I'd see it as "Which GM has provided his team with the most while following the constraints of the cap?". The coach has to work with what he's given, the GM has to do his best to give to the coach. So if that's the case, it should go to the teams who have the best collection of talent i.e. Wings, Hawks, Pens, Caps, Sharks etc. That's what I got from it, perhaps I'm way off base though.
  13. Moves that weren't made...

    I'd say that Kaberle is still in Toronto. I feel like he would've been the best defenceman available and, if nothing else, could've gotten the Leafs back some draft picks that they lost in the Kessel deal. Maybe also (albeit to a lesser extent) Ray Whitney not moving, there was considerable hype around him for the last little while and he could've provided some experience and depth for some team in the home stretch.
  14. Loyalty questions for Canadian Wings fans

    I am reminded of a Herb Brooks quote: " The name on the front is a helluva lot more important than the name on the back." I am following, basically, that same principle as I'm cheering for the leaf on the front, regardless of the name on the back. Although I am not a huge fan of some of these players while they're playing for the individual NHL teams, when they put on the Canadian jersey, I forget all previous feelings towards them and focus on how they are helping/hindering my national team.
  15. Wings sign Todd Bertuzzi

    I like this. It obviously doesn't single-handedly replace Hossa, but it doesn't hurt. Bert isn't going to be relied on for premier scoring, but as a secondary scoring option it's not bad. I don't see this move as hurting the Wings by any stretch.