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  1. Interesting take. If he's going to be a more talented Dallas Drake, I'm in.
  2. Obviously I don't think there's a whole lot of substance to the Jankrok to Sweden move. But if there was even an inkling, there's no way Martin would confirm that. In fact, I bet there'll be an inquiry if he does leave for Sweden next season.
  3. Our center depth is decent now, but in 4 -5 years? Dats might be done, Zetterberg is going to be decidedly on the back-end of his career, as is Legwand. Andersson is...passable I guess, Glendening is not a real hockey player. Helm can't seem to put more than 5 games together, and Weiss, almost a season into his DRW career, hasn't shown is anything at all. It's like a lot of names, but really not a great group, IMO.
  4. I agree. To be honest, Ferraro instead of Jankrok would have made this trade nothing+nothing+nothing for a proven roster player. Maybe if we threw in McGrath... I liked Jankrok over Pulk, but that's just opinion until they hit the NHL.
  5. Ferraro, a 3rd and Eaves seems like the Preds got fleeced. Jankrok, a 3rd and Eaves seems like Wings Lost. The deadline is high time to pay up the nose for roster players, so I'm guessing it's the latter. :/
  6. Delay of game penalty

    From a purist point of view, I think some of the suggestions in this thread are right on the mark. However, I seem to remember that at least part of the reasoning behind this rule was to maintain flow/pace of play. In this case, a faceoff (and all the required hoopla) is just as detrimental. The penalty also serves as another excuse for a powerplay (scoring), which was another point of emphasis after the lockout. Also, I could see a lot of controversy/complaining if it were left to the refs to make a judgement call...
  7. Jack Adams Nominees:

    I don't mind Q getting the nomination. He's a great coach, and has been, for a long time. When a team can attain that record in today's parity-happy context, the coach does deserve some credit. I think BB was the worst of the nominees. I've never been too high on him. He had every chance to make it happen with the Caps, and couldn't. In game seven vs. Detroit, Babs manhandled him, in the coaching department, and BB even admitted during the series that Babs was an excellent (read: superior to me) coach.
  8. Franzen should have been at Tae Bo class during the lockout

    It's pretty lame when he taunts an opposing player and then hides behind the ref. Put up or shut up! Probably he is saving his pretty face for another Dodge commercial. "Today I didn't even have to take a shower!"
  9. Hudler's Father

    Unfortunate news, especially if you're trying to get settled in someplace.
  10. Trade for Bogosian

    Have you read the new CBA? I wouldn't be surprised if the minimum salary was around 750k. He also played pretty well last night.
  11. Trade for Bogosian

    Show me a trade where someone has traded 5 players (4 roster players), and a pick. The relative return isn't even all that good, my man.
  12. Schenn suspended 1 game for a clean hit

    Less offensive hits have been penalized more severely. What's a one game suspension, anyway?
  13. Predators fans boo Zetterberg

    Are you sure that's what they were booing? I'm not questioning you, because they seemed to boo a lot, but I didn't realize it was about Z until about the last 5 minutes of the game. For a while, I thought they were booing about their team's PP ineffectiveness. Something about this series has seemed disappointing so far; perhaps it is the Nashville crowd, they don't seem to get too excited...
  14. Early Off-Season Thread

    i just negged you by mistake
  15. Early Off-Season Thread

    True, Hossa was a big signing, a very un-Holland one, IMO. But, I was surprised he signed a one year deal...I'm not so sure Parise would do that.